I Never Thought Communists Were A Threat To America. Until I Heard Trevor Loudon.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s several high ranking Communist officials defected to the United States.  They included Yuri Bezmenov and Stanislaw Levchenko from the Soviet Union (now Russia) and Ion Pacepa of Romania.  They all described how they and their colleagues spent their careers using deception, bribes, bullying, threats, blackmail,  force, and even murder to manipulate and overthrow democracies. They used words the words “active measures” and “ideological subversion” to describe what they did. 

In this 1985 interview with G. Edward Griffin, Bezmenov said that “Ideological Subversion” is a four stage process.  It begins with 15 to 20 years of “demoralization”.  Then there is 3 to 5 years of “destabilization”.  Then there is a “crisis” which happens “very quickly”.  That “crisis” leads to a new regime that supports or is controlled by Communists.   Once Communists are in control, there is “normalization”.  In this final stage, many of the “useful idiots” who helped Communists take power by destroying their country are “eliminated” because they are no longer needed or useful.

Until ten years ago, I never thought Communists were a serious threat.  I laughed at people who did. I grew up knowing that Communism was such an obvious failure that any Communist in America had to be as bumbling and harmless as the Boris and Natasha TV cartoon characters on TV.

“Rocky and His Friends and the Bullwinkle Show” was a popular animated cartoon show on the ABC Television Network from 1959 to 1964.  Communist agents Boris and Natasha constantly tried to sabotage heroes Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose but always miscalculated and failed.

Then New Zealand’s Trevor Loudon completely changed my thinking when he spoke at a LibertyAndProsperity.com breakfast. He reminded us that Communists didn’t take over half the world and dominate much of the rest in eighty years by being stupid.

Trevor Loudon speaking at Libertyandprosperity.com breakfast in 2011 at Shore Diner, in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  Loudon recently posted articles and gave interviews stating that today’s riots are nothing less than a classic, full scale organized, trained and financed Communist revolution attempt.  Click here for one of those interviews with link to his posts.

Loudon explained how in 1985, he was shocked when a new national protest movement in his native New Zealand suddenly came out of nowhere.  It demanded and got the expulsion of the U.S. Navy from New Zealand ports in the middle of our “Cold War” with Communist Russia. New Zealand had been one of America’s most loyal allies ever since we saved it from a Japanese invasion during World War II.

After years of interviews, investigation, and research, Loudon learned that what looked like a national movement was actually the work of a handful of Communists, who took low level jobs with influential businesses and organizations years before, and worked their way up.

Loudon explained how his work on Communists in New Zealand led him to learn how many Communists have been doing the same work here in America.

Loudon also said he was impressed at how professional and efficient Communists were in doing what they did. He said that we Americans are smart at what we do — business and technology. He said Communists are smart at what they do– using politics and propaganda to manipulate democracies and take over institutions and countries.  Communists are also ruthless, and serious about their slogan “by any means necessary” to advance their cause.

Loudon said that because we Americans grew up in a country where most people are open and honest, we are unprepared to recognize and respond to campaigns of lies and deception that Communists are so good at.

Many people are shocked and surprised by how quickly our nation has changed for the worse during the past twenty years.   For the first time, Americans are questioning whether our country can survive another twenty years of this.

As some point, we Americans must ask ourselves if all these negative change are happening now by coincidence?   Or are certain people deliberately tearing our country apart. If so who are they? Why are they doing it? Cui bono? Who benefits if America collapses?

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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