Amy Kennedy, “Progressive” Democratic Candidate For Congress Shows Dangerous Ignorance Of History.

Amy Kennedy, a “progressive” Democratic candidate for Congress in South Jersey & said to be a former history teacher, showed dangerous ignorance of history by embracing this international Communist & Nazi holiday May Day or May First holiday last Friday.  Socialists, including Communist Socialists and Nazis or “National Socialists” have used May First to promote their anti-liberty, anti-law, anti-American, and anti-Constitution movements since the Haymarket Riots of Chicago in 1886.  Because of that, Americans created a separate Labor Day Holiday on the first Monday in September to celebrate American workers and labor unions.

Every nation run by a Communist dictatorship has government sponsored celebrations on their May First “International Worker’s Day”.  Usually, they include well organized parades to show off their soldiers and powerful military weapons.  This photo was taken in North Korea.

Before invading what is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia when its leaders experimented with a “democratic socialism” that permitted to free speech and free elections, the Communist regime in Russia celebrated May First in 1968 by displaying its latest tanks and nuclear missiles.

In 1959, Fidel Castro and his followers promised free speech and free elections to win control of Cuba. Before holding this May First military parade in 1961, Castro admitted he was a Communist/socialist and had jailed or executed anyone who openly opposed him for breaking his promises.

“International Worker’s Day” was also an important holiday in Nazi Germany.  Nazi was a popular nickname in Germany for Hitler’s National Socialist German Worker’s Party.  The official name of the Fascist Party in Mussolini’s Italy was National Socialist Party, Nazional Sozialisti in Italian, sometimes shortened to “Nazi”.    

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