During 1300’s, Europeans Falsely Blamed Jews for Deaths from the Plague. Are Democrats and Media Today Just As Wrong To Blame Pres. Trump for Covid19 Deaths?

The Jews of Cologne burnt alive, reproduced from a woodcut in a 1493 folio of the Liber Chronicarum Mundi © Getty Images

The Bubonic Plague or Black Death was spread by fleas from rats on ships that arrived in Italy from ports in the Middle East in 1347 A.D.  It quickly spread throughout Europe.  However, doctors at the time had no idea what caused the disease or how it spread.  Many falsely accused Jews of spreading the Plague and killed as many as they could, even though many Jews also got sick and died from the Black Death.
Hundreds of Jews were murdered in Toulon, France and Barcelona, Spain in 1348.  In 1349, residents of Strasbourg, France rounded up approximately 2,000 Jews and burned them alive in the local cemetery on St. Valentine’s Day in an attempt to stop the pestilence.  Later that year, community leaders ordered the burning of all Jews in Cologne, Germany.  Authorities in Basil, Switzerland also rounded up all of the Jews in that town and burned them alive on an island in the Rhein River that year

Roughly one year ago, a deadly virus escaped from a laboratory run by the Chinese Communist Party regime in Wuhan.   During December of last year, several people who worked in a Wuhan food market got sick from it and died. Chinese health officials denied that the virus could spread from person to person until January 20 of this year.  On January 31, two Chinese tourists got sick with the virus in Italy.  Six weeks later, Wuhan, China and Italy were the two main sources of the disease.  The disease quickly spread from Italy to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area in March of 2020.

Although Chinese doctors in Wuhan had researched that virus for many years, they failed to warn the rest of the world how dangerous and contagious it was, or how it could be contained or treated.   On the contrary, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime used the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations to spread false information.  It also bribed and bullied public health officials and the media around the world to ignore Taiwan’s success in aggressively containing and treating the disease.

It appears from after-the-fact research that COVID19 infections spread rapidly throughout the world during late January and early February, 2020.  That was when hundreds of thousands of Chinese traveled between Wuhan and the rest of the world for Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations on January 25.

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly announced on January 24, 2020 that: “We don’t want the American public to be worried about this (Covid-19, then still called the Wuhan Virus)  because their risk is low.”  At that time, other public health experts publicly stated that “the flu poses a greater threat than the coronavirus”.

Prominent Democratic political leaders including Senate President Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Presidential candidate Joe Biden participated in those celebrations and urged others to do so.

On January 31, 2020, President Trump announced a ban on all travel from Communist China to the United States.   Enforcement began on February 2.  Democratic Party leaders including Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden all denounced that travel ban as being “xenophobic” and/or “racist”.  However, by that time, it is likely that the virus was already present in much of Chicago, New York, and California.  However, doctors in the United State did not confirm any Covid19 cases in the United States until late February.

On February 5, 2020, the U.S. Senate ended its impeachment trial against President Trump, and voted 52-48 to reject all impeachment charges.

On February 5, 2020 President Trump admitted to journalist Carl Bernstein that he knew the Covid19 virus was deadly and highly contagious.  Bernstein saw no need to publicly announce that fact until he published his book six months later.  However, President Trump, like most public health officials at the time, thought warnings to wash hands often and stay home when sick were sufficient to contain the disease.  At that time, there were still no confirmed coronavirus cases or deaths in the United States.

On March 4, the first confirmed Covid-19 case was reported in the United States.  One week later, on March 11, 2020, there were a total of 1,000 cases and 30 deaths.   This is when Dr. Fauci and other public health experts first publicly stated that Covid19 had become a serious problem in the United States.  On that day, President Trump ordered a ban on travel from Europe.   Democrats together with world leaders criticized President Trump for over-reacting.

During the next two months, doctors and public health officials in the United States slowly learned how to contain and treat corona virus.  For example, they  they discovered that ventilators often did more harm than good, and that aspirin effectively prevented deadly blood clots in the lungs.  They also learned that young children, usually highly at risk for flu, were almost immune to Covid-19.  They also learned that the elderly were especially vulnerable and that Governors who had forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients had made a deadly mistake..

By the end of May, 2020, there were nearly one million infections and 100,000 deaths in the United States.  Most of those deaths took place in nursing homes in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.  These six states had Democratic Governors who ordered nursing homes to admit Covid-19 patients.

After May of 2020, Covid-19 continued to spread, but death rates dropped dramatically.

Since last Tuesday, October 27, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo together with Democrats and the “mainstream media” have falsely blamed President Trump for more than 200,000 Covid19 deaths in America since March 4.

During the weeks before the elections, Democrats and the national media have falsely blamed President Trump and Republicans for causing every Covid-19 death in America.  Those accusations are has hateful and unfounded as those which blamed Jews for causing the Black Death in Europe nearly 700 years ago.

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