Election over. Reps & Dems plotting to double NJ gas tax.

Before last month?s election, Assembly Republican Chris Brown, Democrat Vince Mazzeo, and their running mates spent a fortune on radio and TV ads and slick oversized mailings bashing each other to win our votes.??2015-1211-RepudiateMeme

Now all of them, like most Christie Republicans and Sweeney Democrats ,? are quietly working to double NJ?s gasoline tax.

The gas tax already brings in roughly $1.3 billion each year?more than enough to build and fix everything.?? Our roads and bridges are falling apart because both Republicans and Democrats are instead spending almost all that money on junk bonds issued by the NJ Transportation Authority.

Those bonds are ?junk? because they were issued without voter approval.?? They are not legally ?enforceable obligations of New Jersey taxpayers.??? This is clearly written on the bonds and the offering statements.? (For details on why NJ Constitution was written to require voter approval before state government can borrow money, see www.repudiateNJ.com.??Also thanks to?Gavin Rozzi of https://laceyreporter.com/?for designing the above image.

Most of the billions of dollars borrowed with those bonds was spent on projects that had nothing to do with roads and bridges?like the ridiculously expensive empty train between Camden and Trenton.

Let?s take our state constitution and the bond contracts seriously. Why bail out Wall Street again?? Why not let the investors who got high tax-free income all these years pay the price???? Why punish every motorist in New Jersey?

Call Republicans like Chris Brown and Democrats like Vince Mazzeo.?? Remind them to represent voters and not just their big donors.??? If they betray us again, learn how to get involved in June primaries?the only elections that make a difference these days.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director? straw-broke-camel's back

P.S.?? To add insult to injury, Republican and Democratic insiders are now suggesting this phony “compromise”.??? Christie Republicans would agree to Democrat plan to double?gasoline tax to bail out Wall Street tax-free junk bonds.???Sweeney Democrats would agree to Republican plan to cut?taxes for estates of more than $675,000 so bailed out?tax-free junk bonds that mostly benefit high income families can be given to kids tax-free.

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