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Wind – Grid Connection Costs

  This article describes the justification the BPU used to select NextEra Transmission Company and European transmission company Elia to bring offshore wind energy to land and connect it to the grid. It’s reasonable to assume the BPU has done

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The `Inflation Reduction Act’ Disaster

The “Inflation Reduction Act” is a 4-step recipe for destroying American energy Want to know whether a candidate is truly supportive of American energy? Here’s one simple test: Did they oppose the “Inflation Reduction Act”? Want to know whether a

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Falling or Increasing Renewable Energy Rates

For years we have been told wind and solar produces cheaper electricity than fossil fuels. If correct, then electric rates should decrease as wind and solar replace fossil fuel plants. An unchallenged assumption is it will be easy and costless

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Inflation Recovery Act Comments

Comments from Alex Epstein on the terrible Inflation Recovery Act Please read and distribute and write to your representatives at all levels. https://alexepstein.substack.com/p/12-myths-about-the-terrible-inflation

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Bezmenov: How we take over countries without war: 1-20 years of 'demoralization', 2-5 years of 'destabilization', then 6 weeks of 'crisis'.

For 200 years, Americans had more wealth, freedom, opportunity, and justice than any other people in the world. Yet during the last 50 years, roughly half of Americans believe the lies of our enemies and are working day and night to tear our country apart.

What happened? Yuri Bezmenov explains in this 7 minute segment of an interview he gave in 1985. We know that everything he said is true because dozens of other high officials who escaped from Communist regimes told the same story–and because everything he predicted 34 years ago happened just as he predicted.

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