Even Worse Than Falsely Blaming Whites For Crimes They Didn’t Commit. Bullying Them To Confess!

Hundreds of guilt-ridden whites apologize for their “privilege”.  Pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter agenda.  At Connie Morella Public Library.  Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

George Floyd was killed by a bad cop who should have been fired years ago.  He was kept on because the Minneapolis Police Department was corrupt, mismanaged, and political.  It had a black police chief.  Three years before, a black cop shot and killed the unarmed white woman who called 911 for assistance without any provocation.  Minneapolis, like most cities in America, was run by Ilhan Omar Democrats who hate Trump and Republicans.  Another problem is that civil service laws and public employee unions make it almost impossible to fire bad cops.  Or bad teachers.  Or bad public health experts.

George Floyd’s death had nothing do with “white supremacy”, “institutional racism”, or slavery.  Blaming whites anywhere outside of Minneapolis is as wrong and evil as deliberately blaming anyone for crimes he or she did not commit.  It is also stupid, because takes attention away from understanding the real problems and fixing them.

Roughly 300 mostly white suburban high school and college students apologize for their guilt and privilege at rally at Ocean City, NJ police station after walking across bridge from Somers Point.  Business owners in both towns spent thousands of dollars boarding up their windows and hiring security.  Police departments paid overtime for police.  They all feared a repeat of the window smashing and looting that took place at after an organized protest in Atlantic City the previous day.  At the Atlantic City protest, one organized told those attending that they were invited to go “window shopping” at the Atlantic Avenue and The Walk Outlet shops after the “peaceful” rally.

When German President Hindenburg died in 1934, and was replaced by Adolf Hitler, Hitler ordered all soldiers to assemble and publicly swear loyalty to him.  Years later, many soldiers admitted that they committed atrocities when ordered because of that oath.

In all Communist revolutions, it is very important for everyone old enough to remember life in the previous society to apologize and confess their mistakes.

They don’t call themselves “Communists”.  But when today’s “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” destroy statues, symbols, and monuments of the American past, they are repeating what Chairman Mao’s Communists did in China in the early 1960’s.

The term “social justice” is today’s term of what Communists called “revolutionary justice” or “Bolshevik justice”.  It is completely different from “bourgeoise justice” or justice based on law and evidence.  The goal of “revolutionary justice” or “Bolshevik justice” was to advance whatever the agenda of the Communist Party had at the time. These professors and engineers were accused and put on trial for “wrecking” or sabotaging the economy.   This was done when government economic plans had failed, and the Communist regime could not admit it was their fault.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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  1. Marjorie Shults

    I have no respect for today’s mass media. They repeat lies knowing they’re lies and dont care because the fit their narrative. They cant be trusted.

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