Every Story On Front Page About Trump. Every Story Negative.

Four Front Page Stories In “World & Nation” Section of Press of Atlantic City Today, Sunday, June 21, 2020.  Every Story About Trump.  Every Story Negative.

Was it such a slow news day that there was nothing else in the world or the nation to report?  Or will the Press of Atlantic City and every “mainstream” daily newspaper in America make every issue, every day a propaganda hit piece designed to defeat President Trump in November.  They are paid to do this. We are unpaid volunteers.  In 2016, unpaid volunteers used social media, email, and word of mouth to reach more people with truth, than the paid media did with lies.  The “progressive”/socialist left has been working non-stop for the past four years to make sure we don’t do it again.  Do we have the discipline, determination, and energy to bring the truth to even more people during the next four months?

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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