Five Days Of No Milk Or Ice Cream? Don’t Blame “Climate Change”!


Fully stocked dairy and ice cream case at Wawa at Shore and Maryland Aves. on Sunday morning, August 9, 2020.

Empty shelves from Wednesday afternoon,  August  5, when power restored day after storm Sunday morning deliveries four days later.

Are storms like this more frequent, severe & destructive than before? If so, is it “global warming”? Or does “progressive” & political NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) allow electric companies to divert funds away from repair & maintenance to promote expensive & useless wind turbines & solar panels?

Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Shoddy infrastructure and long delays in repair promote the “environmental justice” agenda of “progressive” Democrats and socialists.  Millennials see this disruption as evidence that society is threatened by severe storms caused by “climate change”.

Older “Boomers” remember when power stayed on or was restored quickly during much more severe storms in the past. They remember when power lines were much better maintained, when trees around them were regularly trimmed, and when there were many more repair crews available.  Millennials, of course, don’t know that.  All they know about life in America before they were born are the lies they were told since childhood by Hollywood movies and TV, the media, and textbooks, teachers, and professors at public schools and college.  If Millennials ever learn the truth, we “Boomers” must be the ones to teach them — while we are still around.  Please help us!

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