Georgia Run-Off Vote Harvest & Jan 5 Election Can End America As We Know It.

For years, Jews and Christians alike were ridiculed, attacked, persecuted, tortured and killed for openly preaching and teaching truth in the ancient Roman Empire.   We are very close to that happening again here in the United States and throughout the world.

There is a special, run-off election for two U.S. Senators in Georgia.   “Election Day” is Tuesday, January 5.  However, Georgia has early voting, and the five week “Vote Harvest” begins next week.  Hundreds of thousands of applications for mail-in ballots were already received.

There are 100 U.S. Senators.  Republicans have 50 seats.  Democrats have 48.   If Democrats win both Georgia seats they will have 50,  If Biden wins, Democrat Vice-President Kamala Harris will cast the tie-breaking vote to give Democrats an absolute majority.

Democrats control the House of Representatives.  Although they lost seats, Democrats so far won 222 seats, while Republicans won 206 seats.  A majority is 218 votes.  Seven seats are still undecided.

In 2008, Barack Obama, then the Democrat candidate for President, promised “a fundamental change” of America if he and a Democratic controlled Congress were elected.  He succeeded in causing much change.  Obama Democrats gave us Obamacare, massive legal and illegal immigration from hate-America and hate-Christian countries, a war on local police, and the routine use of the IRS, FBI, and National Security to illegally spy on, harass, and persecute political opponents.

However, Obama Democrats did not do nearly as much as they wanted to do for two reasons.  At first, it was because they were not in a hurry.  When they crushed the George Bush Republicans by winning a majority in Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008, they falsely assumed they had permanent control of the Federal government.  They thought they had plenty of time to completely “fundamentally transform America”.

However, Democrats were surprised when the “Tea Party” came from nowhere, and put Republicans back in control of Congress in 2010.  They were even more surprised and angry when President Trump won in 2016.

Today, Democrats are determined not to make the same mistakes they made in 2009 and 2010.  They are angry, and very much in a hurry. Democrats have already promised to fundamentally change America if they control all three branches of the Federal government.  have an absolute majority.

Vladimir Lenin, the evil genius who masterminded the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917 was once asked to explain the difference between Communism and Socialism.  His response was “Communism is Socialism in a hurry”.

If Democrats win the Georgia elections and have full control of the federal government on January 5, 2021, we can expect this within the first 100 days:

  1. Immediate amnesty to make roughly 30 million illegal immigrants eligible for voting, welfare, free health care, and social security.


  1. Legislation to admit or create at least five new Democrat majority states with ten new Senators and many more electoral votes to give Democrats permanent majority in both houses of Congress and for every future Presidential election. Puerto Rico, Guam, and Washington, DC will become states.  California will be broken into at least three new states.


  1. US Supreme Court will be expanded to 15 seats, and packed with radical leftists.


  1. The First Amendment will be amended or interpreted to allow citizens to be arrested, jailed or fined for “hate speech”. “Hate speech” will be defined as saying, writing, or posting anything that criticizes, ridicules, or opposes Democrats or any of their agenda in any way.


  1. The Second Amended will be amended or interpreted to outlaw private ownership of guns.


  1. The FBI, IRS, and National Security agencies will investigate, prosecute, imprison, bankrupt, or otherwise destroy any millionaire or billionaire like Donald Trump who dares to oppose Democrats in any way. This is what Vladimir Putin did to the billionaire oligarchs of Russia who thought they were rich and powerful enough to oppose him.

Summary of consensus from this morning’s online Every Saturday Breakfast Discussion (Saturday, November 28, 2020):

  1. Do everything we can to support lawsuits to disqualify duplicate, fraudulent, duplicate and otherwise illegal votes in November 3 Presidential Election.
  2. Contact everyone we know in Georgia and encourage them to vote.
  3. Do everything we can to convince our indoctrinated children and their friends that much of what they have been taught, and much of what they believe are lies.
  4. Give whatever time or money you can to help family members homeschool their children or send them to suitable non-government schools.
  5. Be prepared to suffer insults, ridicule, and persecution for our beliefs. Throughout most of human history, this was the fate of minorities who believed, preached, and taught the truth.
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