This 1915 Hollywood movie with Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s ‘fake history’ destroyed 40 years of black progress under Republicans, revived long-dead KKK, and spread it beyond South

Newly freed African-American slaves made remarkable progress outside the South for 40 years after Civil War ended in 1865. ? Idealistic young whites from the North flocked to the South to teach blacks reading, writing, and arithmetic. ?(Southern whites thought it was dangerous to teach these skills to black slaves, and this was a crime in most slave states. ? That is why most black slaves in the South were illiterate.) These “Freedmen’s Schools” were so successful, that in just a few years more blacks were able to pass literacy tests to vote in the south than poor southern whites. ? ?That is why Southern whites later used violence to keep blacks from voting, and “grandfather laws” to let whites vote without passing literacy tests.)

Blacks organized charities, churches, and fraternal organizations that built colleges, vocational schools, and banks throughout America. ?These organizations received generous financial support from whites throughout the North, including the wealthiest men in America. ? Blacks served with distinction under “Blackjack” Pershing as “Buffalo Soldiers” in the Indian Wars and as the assault troops who helped Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” capture San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Blacks who moved out of the South found good paying jobs in railroads, and the factories of most northern cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. ? Many became prosperous a barbers, mechanics, carpenters, and shop owners. ? ?Some of the most popular songs in America (including “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” and “Oh Dem Golden Slippers”)?were written and performed by black writers and entertainers like Jimmy Bland.

Many whites throughout the Northeast saved for months to spend a weekend in seeing and hearing black entertainers in the nightclubs of Harlem and Atlantic City. ?Sarah Spencer Washington, of Atlantic City became became a multi-millionaire inventing, producing and selling?cosmetics and hair products for African-American women throughout the U.S.

Blacks outside the South registered to vote and became part of the Republican political establishment that elected Republican William McKinley as President of the United States, and created the “Boardwalk Empire” of Republican leader Enoch “Nucky” Johnson that grew ?the regional seashore resort of Atlantic City into “The World’s Playground”.

Needless to say, this remarkable economic, cultural and political progress was a threat to the old “Confederate” Democrats of the South, and “progressive” Democrats of the North. ?These Democrats embraced the fake, but popular science of the time that blacks (and Irish, Italian, and Eastern European immigrants) were racially inferior to northern, Germanic and English-speaking whites. ? Democrat and socialist run labor unions also resented blacks from the South who were willing to work for less in non-union factories. ? ?All Democrats resented the fact that 95% of blacks voted for the Republican Party of Presidents Lincoln and Grant which freed and protected them.

For more than 40 years after the Civil War, from 1865 to 1915, these Democrats argued that blacks were inferior and could never be trusted with equal civil and political rights. ? However, most Americans rejected those views–until this hateful, fake-history, Hollywood movie changed everything.

“Birth of a Nation” released by Hollywood’s D.W. Griffith ?in 1915 was the world’s first 3 hour feature film. ? It dazzled the audience with breathtaking cinematography and music. ?It was based on novel, “The Clansman” written by a close friend of popular “progressive” Democratic President Woodrow Wilson. ? Wilson’s friend based his novel on a fake history book written by Woodrow Wilson while a history professor at Princeton University. ? That fake history by Woodrow Wilson glorified the KKK composed of Southern Democrats while demonizing Republican blacks and Union Army veterans of the Civil War.

That one movie instantly made almost every negative stereotype about blacks part of the American culture. ? ?It instantly revived the KKK in the South, and spread it throughout the country. ? Years later, Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels was so impressed with the power of one movie to change the political culture of ?America, that he produced similar full length movies as part of his propaganda efforts in Germany. ?One particular movie, “Jew Suess” (Jud Suss) produced in 1940 was so effective in demonizing German Jews, that many historians think it prepared most Germans to accept the mass murder of Jews one year later.

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  1. James McGrath

    Jud Suess = Cute Jew. Thanks, interesting essay, I’ll try to research more about it. American schools Ignore the US hisfory of 1868 to 1908, tbat was 40 years Republican-led prosperity.

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