How To Lose Elections In Six Easy Lessons. Are NJ Republicans Writing This Book?

Five campaign signs for Republican candidates in Atlantic County, NJ on Shore Road in Somers Point.  Each of these candidates are in the same Republican column on the ballots mailed to each voter last Saturday.  However, you would never know it from these campaign signs.  October 4, 2020.

  1.  Don’t tell anyone you are a Republican.  When meeting voters in person, tell them your are “independent”, and not like those “other” Republicans.   Don’t put “Republican” on you campaign signs.  Don’t use a red sign, because some voters might think you are Republican.  Don’t make your sign anything like the signs of other candidates in your column.  Don’t let voters think you have anything to do with them.

Sample Mail-In Ballot for Atlantic City, in Atlantic County, New Jersey.  All Republican candidates from President Trump to candidates for local city/town council or township committee are listed in Column A.  All Democratic candidates are listed under Column B.

2.  Don’t let voters know that the names of President Trump, U.S. Senate candidate Rik Mehta, and 2d District Republican candidate Jeff Van Drew appear on the ballot in the Republican column above your name.  Let voters figure that out when they open their ballots.  Don’t give your supporters campaign signs for the national Republican candidates President Trump, Rik Mehta, or Jeff VanDrew.  They might accidentally put out those signs next to yours.

Even in Republican towns like Somers Point, Democrats campaign as a team.  Notice that even Democrats running for local council offices remind voters that they are for a “green future” and “social justice”.

3.  Don’t use a red background on any of your signs.  If you do, some voters might guess that you are a Republican.  Don’t try to save money by printing signs that have the names of Republican candidates for national, county, and local office together.  Especially don’t let anyone think you support President Trump.  If anyone calls your headquarters and asks for a Trump sign, tell them you don’t know where to find them.  Only Democrats run together as a team.  Everybody knows that Democrats are terrible at winning elections.

4.  DON’T do a voter registration drive before October 13.  Assume that everyone who would vote for you is already properly registered. You know for a fact that every single voter who supports you did not move, get married, get divorced, or has friends or relatives who did.  If any of them did any of that, you are certain that they all properly submitted new registrations on their own, and did not forget or need any help.

5.  Don’t ask for volunteer help.  Since you are not doing a registration drive or checking for fraud by Democrats, you don’t have much for volunteers to do.  Your paid media consultant is putting together your campaign ads.  Your campaign manager is setting up dinners and barbecues where you and other Republican candidates and donors can get together and talk to the same people at different locations throughout the county.

The above ballot was mailed to one of our members who notified the Board of Elections that he and his wife had become Florida residents years ago.  Other ballots were mailed to the homes of other members whose children moved out of the state years ago, and who had repeatedly notified the Board of Elections and the Jury Co-Ordinator that they had moved.  All of our members are returning or destroying these “extra” ballots.  But is that being done in Democratic strongholds?

6.  Don’t do anything about voter fraud by Democrats.  You know that a lot of duplicate ballots and ballots for people who have moved were delivered to Republican friends.  You know that your Republican friends would never break the law to pick up an extra vote.  You are certain that no Democrat or anyone in his or her house would do it.  You are certain that no Democrat in New Jersey would do what Democrats were caught doing on video in Minnesota.  There, “community organizers” for Democratic candidates paid $50 to $200 for “extra” mail-in ballots.

7.  I did this in a hurry.  Did I leave anything out?  If so, please let me know so I can add it to the list!

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