I’d Give These 7 Responses To Media/Democrat Debate Lies. How Would You Do It?

Obamacare forces everyone to buy insurance for procedures we don’t want and don’t need.  Health Insurance was very affordable when we were allowed to buy “Major Medical” policies that covered major and unavoidable injuries and diseases.

#1.  Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” is NOT affordable, and made health insurance much  more expensive for most Americans.  That is because it forces Americans to buy insurance for many expensive treatments they don’t want and don’t need.  Like “gender reassignments” and abortions.  It is also used to hide the true cost of massive legal and illegal immigration.  Finally, Obamacare is too expensive because it is like auto insurance that would cover oil changes and wiper blades.  Health insurance used to be affordable when Americans were able to buy “Major Medical” plans.


#2.  Democrats rarely mention that most of the 214,000 American deaths from Coronavirus were in March and April, the first two months.  That was when American health experts were duped into following wrong protocols by the World Health Organization (WHO).  That was also  when doctors did not know how to treat this “novel” coronavirus, and often made it worse.  Communist Chinese labs and hospitals at Wuhan lab studied this virus for months, if not years.  However, China never shared what it knew with the rest of the world.  We learned only later that the Chinese Communist regime used the UN World Health Organization (WHO) to mislead the world on how to respond to coronavirus.  The Chinese Communist regime also used its influence with the media to  discredit methods used by Taiwan and Hong Kong to successfully control the virus until it was too late to use them in America.  We  and the rest of the world were forced to waste two months learning what China already knew.  China, not Trump,  caused needless infections and deaths during those first two months.  Trump and US health officials acted quickly, but could not act instantly.  That point was made in the report of the investigation of the plane that landed in the Hudson River (as shown in the movie “Sully”).  “Simulations after the fact falsely assumed an instant decision to act. . . (in safely landing the plane at the nearest airport.) However, in the real-world, a time delay is required to assess the situation.  . and decide on a course of action”.   Once we did that, Americans came up with better tests and treatment than any other country in the world.  The rapid decline in cases and deaths is proof of that.

This 1989 book explains how virtually anyone can succeed in America today.  Proponents of “black history” and “black lives matter” teach the opposite.  They promote attitudes and habits of victimhood designed to make people fail.  This is bad for most blacks, but good for Democrats who need their votes.

3.  There is no “institutional”  or “systemic racism” against blacks in America today.  There is no “white privilege”.  People of all races can and do succeed just by completing high school, taking any job at first, and getting married before having children.  The only victims of “systemic racism” in America today are whites, Asians, and Jews who are denied jobs and scholarships because of “diversity” goals and quotas.

In 2019, Jussie Smollett, star of the TV Drama “Empire” staged an elaborate fake hate crime in Chicago.  There is evidence that he spoke to leaders of the Democratic Party besides doing it.  His obvious motive to stir up hatred by blacks against whites in general and President Trump in particular before the critical 2020 election.  When Chicago police found evidence that Smollett faked the incident, they filed criminal charges against him.  Cooke County Prosecutor Kim Foxx promptly dismissed those charges after speaking with high ranking Democrats.  One of them was Tina Tchen, former chief of staff to Michele Obama.  A special prosecutor later reinstated charges against Smollett, but no others.

The “anti-racism and antifascist counterprotesters” described in the headline were actually Antifa thugs.  They were the first to arrive at Charlottesville, Virginia.  They came to destroy or damage its statues of Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee.  Others came to peacefully protest in defense of the statues.  When this attracted national media, several dozen “Tiki Torch” boys arrived from around the country.  They made outrageous racist and Jew-hating statements, gave Nazi salutes, and carried Nazi-like Tiki-Torches to attract media coverage.  The national media eagerly gave the Tiki-Torch boys the celebrity status they craved  so Democrats could smear anyone who defended the statues.  They then interviewed President Trump about the situation.  Trump denounced the neo-Nazis, but said there were “good people on both sides” of the statue issue.  Democrats and the media have falsely accused Trump of saying there were “good people” among the Tiki-Torch boys ever since.

4.  “White Supremacists” have not been a serious problem in America since white Democrats lost political control in the South 50 years ago.  Democrats falsely talk about the “Tiki Torch” boys of Charlottesville, Virginia three years ago as if they are a threat today.  Those “Tiki Torch” boys are so few and insignificant that nobody saw or heard from them before or after August of 2017.  We only know about them because the media gave them non-stop TV coverage to embarrass Trump during a slow news cycle when Trump was gaining support.  There is so little racism by whites in America today, that fake hate crimes by Democrats like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace far outnumber real ones!  The “Proud Boys” is a rowdy group of multi-racial men “who are not ashamed to be men”.  They are not “white supremacists”.  Video evidence proves that 17 year Kyle Rittenhouse, was in Kenosha, Wisconsin helping a business owner put out fires.  He only shot in self defense.  He was NOT a “white supremacist” or part of a “militia”.


This rant about policing in America has lots of bad and offensive language.  Please do not view when around others.  However, it has a lot of truth.

5.  Police are not a threat to blacks in America.  Almost nobody, white or black, is shot by police today unless he or she attacks an officer, resists arrest, or fails to follow simple police instructions.  In a civilized society, disagreements over whether an arrest should take place must be settled in a courtroom, not out in the street. Breonna Taylor was a tragic, but rare exception.  However, she and her boyfriend were heavily involved in criminal activity which was very dangerous because loaded guns were always around to protect large quantities of drugs and cash from other criminals as well as police.  Most police shootings in black neighborhoods take place when blacks are victims of crimes by other blacks and  call police for protection.

The earth has been gradually warming ever since the Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago.  So has the planet Mars.

6.  “Climate Change” is NOT an “existential threat” or even a problem.  The earth’s climate has changed for billions of years.  Pennsylvania is filled with coal that proves it used to be a tropical swamp.  Most of New Jersey was once covered with giant ice sheets.  They melted with the earth started getting warmer 10,000 years ago.  The new probe on the planet Mars shows that planet is also getting warmer.   So far, scientists do NOT know how much, if any, additional warming is caused by humans, or what we can do about it.  Obviously, bringing millions of legal and illegal immigrants is not helping to preserve “open space” in America!

Last year, former President and First Lady Barack Obama paid $12 million for this estate by the water in Martha’s Vinyard, Massachusetts.  Would they have done so if they thought “climate change” and rising seas were an “existential threat”?

7.  The California fires were NOT caused by “climate change”  They were caused by arson, carelessness (including that “gender reveal” party), and poor forest management.  Hurricanes are NOT more severe because of “climate change”.   They just seem that way because the government and the media now give much more attention (and names) to minor storms that were once ignored.   Also, they seem more destructive because more people are now living closer to the ocean.  If homes by the ocean are threatened by rising seas from “Climate Change” why are they so expensive?  Why did Barack and Michele Obama pay $12 million for a waterfront mansion in Nantucket, Massachusetts?

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