In Those Days, There Was No King In Israel. Everyone Did As He Pleased. Judges 21:25

Last Nov 16th,  10 yr old Micah “Dew” Tennant of Atlantic City was fatally shot in Pleasantville while watching a championship high school football game with Camden with members of his family.   He was shot by 31 year old Atlantic City man who was not in any way connected with the family or either school.  The shooter came to Pleasantville after learning a 27 year old man he had a dispute with was there watching the game.  The shooter shot at least six shots at his intended target who was sitting in the crowded stands, seriously injuring him.   However one shot slightly injured a 15 year old student, while another struck 10 year old “Dew” Tennant in the neck.   Dew went into a coma and died 5 days later at Cooper Hospital in Camden.   The funeral was held today at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Atlantic  City.

“Self-Control, Not Gun Control.   Control Your Emotions”  Sign at Peace March in Pleasantville Shortly After Shooting.  Photo by Press of Atlantic City.

The church was filled with mourners and many had to watch the service through TV monitors in overflow rooms.  The church choir together with talented soloists sang beautifully.   Messages from Senator Cory Booker, Governor Murphy, and Al Sharpton were read.   Atlantic City’s Mayor Marty Small, Freeholder Ernest Coursey and local officials spoke in person.

Rev. Thomas C. Michael on TV Monitor at Overflow Room at Shiloh Baptist Church in Atlantic City, NJ.

Rev. Thomas C. Michael closed the service with a powerful eulogy and sermon.  He immediately focused on the horror of a mother burying a 10 year old son. He then gave brutally honest advice to what parents in the community must do to keep this from happening to others. He also referred extensively to the Old Testament Book of Judges that describes a period of death and misery in ancient Israel.  In describing those terrible times, the Book of Judges states, “In those days, there was no king in Israel, and every man did as he pleased”.

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