L and P Delivers Letter to Congressman LoBiondo Supporting the Rule of Law in Immigration

Members and supporters of L and P speaking with a member of Congressman Frank LoBiondo’s staff

Lobo office

Members and supporters of L and P gathering in front of Congressman Frank LoBiondo’s office
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President Dennis Mahon and Vice-President “Nate” Nathanson delivering letter

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Here is the text of the letter we delivered to Congressman Frank LoBiondo:

Dennis Mahon, President 453 Shore Road Somers Point, NJ 08244 – 609 204-2511

Meeting Location Shore Diner 6710 Tilton Road Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234





Congressman Frank LoBiondo

5914 Main Street Suite 103

Mays Landing, NJ 08330.


Dear Frank:


I?m writing on behalf of all of our members of L&P to let you know how we feel towards the current immigration bill and any future bill that may be developed.


We believe that giving amnesty or a ?pathway to citizenship? to those, who came here illegally would be a?criminal?violation of the Constitution and a threat to our national sovereignty. It is said that 11 million illegal aliens are currently residing in the United States. This same number has been used for a number of years and the true number is certainly much higher than that. Some estimate that the number is as high as 30 million. This is truly an outrageous invasion and must be stopped, for economic, political and cultural reasons.


Whatever the number is, giving 10, 20 or 30 million illegal aliens US citizenship will shift the balance of political power forever in our opinion. It does not matter, if they receive citizenship in 5 years or 10 years. Those, who came here illegally do not deserve citizenship and we expect the Congress to uphold the law and protect our national sovereignty.


There was a previous amnesty in 1986 and the politicians claimed then that it would resolve the illegal immigration problems once and for all. Of course, it did not resolve anything and another amnesty will not, either. The number of illegal aliens now in the US is at least 10 times higher than in 1986. Another amnesty will just encourage an even greater number of illegals to come here in the future, as the amnesty in 1986 did.


It will allow these newly legal illegal immigrants to bring in millions of family members in as legal immigrants ahead of anyone else.

It will do nothing to remove the millions of illegal immigrants who arrived AFTER? December 31, 2011 and sets the stage for a yet a ?third immigration reform ?amnesty??if we are not a poverty stricken developing country ourselves by then.
This proposed immigration ?reform? law is the second torpedo that will finish off an already sinking America. (The first torpedo was ObamaCare!)
Once the border is 100% secure, and we have a created and applied a workable program to identify and deport new illegal aliens?and those who arrive after December 31, 2011, we can adopt laws to create standards and programs to determine which of those illegal?aliens who arrived before that date should?get preference for citizenship under quotas established under existing law


Frank, we know you are being pressured by all sides, but it is time to stand up for

America and do what is right and proper.




Dennis Mahon


Please let Congressman LoBiondo know that you
support Liberty and Prosperity’s position
on Immigration Reform.

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