Liberty and Prosperity 9 Point Program

Real, permanent property tax cuts for everyone in NJ, not temporary abatement or payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) for privileged insiders.

  • Less government programs, less spending, fewer employees.
  • No pensions or benefits for part-time employees or elected officials.
  • Pay/benefits for government employees comparable to those for employees of privately owned companies doing comparable work.
  • Post all government employee and their jobs, salaries, and benefits on official government websites.
  • Cut cost of insurance and lawsuits: Change statutes to require judges to apply the same medical evidence of emotional distress for employment, discrimination,  and “whistleblower” cases that they require for all other cases.
  • Change “fee shifting” statutes so that lawyers can no longer force other side to pay them fees bigger than what they get for their clients.
  • Eliminate “class action” lawsuits that let lawyers collect big fees on behalf of hundreds or thousands of “victims” who never retained them and who incurred little or no damages.
  • Restructure perpetual and unsustainable government debts through bankruptcy or insolvency.
  • Change union and civil service laws so that layoffs are determined by how the government can provide the best service for the lowest cost.
  • Change statutes  that now force almost all government and public school employees to join unions or pay union dues as a condition of employment.
  • Change statutes that require all levels of government to comply with expensive and wasteful “project labor agreements” determined by labor unions.
  • Make all laws (including tax laws) simple enough to understand without lawyers, and apply them equally to everyone.
  • Distribute State School Tax portion of “State Property Tax Relief Fund” (Money collected from NJ State Income Tax) to each school district on an equal, per student basis. (This is required by in NJ State Constitutional Amendment that created state income tax in 1976.

Fix Atlantic City with the liberty that created it, not the public private partnerships and crony capitalism that are destroying it.    

  • Apply Part I above to cut real estate taxes for everyone.  End all tax abatement and “Payment In Lieu of Tax (P.I.L.O.T.) programs.
  • End all “public-private partnerships”.
  • Allow casino companies and employees to fully participate in the political process.
  • Change local zoning laws and state “Coastal Areas Facilities Act (CAFRA)” so that existing lawful uses and structures are in full compliance, and can be altered, improved, and changed from one lawful use to another without long and expensive permit procedures.
  • End arbitrary and artificial hotel room requirements for casinos.

Repudiate (refuse to pay) State Government debt incurred without voter approval in violation of NJ State Constitution.

  • Refuse to pay unenforceable $16 billion Transportation Trust Fund Debt.   Use $1.6 billion tolls and gas-tax money to repair and rebuild roads and bridges instead.
  • No gas-tax hike
  • Declare NJ Pension Funds insolvent, and immediately refuse to pay more than $50,000 per year for any NJ government pension.
  • Refuse to pay any state government pensions before age 66.
  • No pensions or pension credits for part-time elected officials.

No more hidden “global warming” taxes on gas,  electric and trash bills.

  • Change state statute so utilities can drastically cut electric bills for 98% of customers by ending “societal benefits charge” and stop paying huge subsidies to the 2%  of customers with wind turbines and solar panels that produce little or no electricity when needed.
  • Use safest, shortest, and cheapest routes for natural gas pipelines.
  • End mafia-like monopoly of trash business in Atlantic County by Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

Respect and protect 2nd Amendment right of all responsible citizens to carry firearms for protection.

  •  Mentally competent, law abiding adult citizens should have the same right as off-duty, law enforcement officers to carry firearms on their persons and in their cars and trucks.

Respect and enforce immigration laws.

  • We agree with Abraham Lincoln while every American must work for the repeal of unjust laws,  each of us has a “solemn duty” to demand enforcement of laws not repealed.
  • The inexcusable refusal of government officials to enforce generous, bi-partisan immigration laws for past 20 years is destroying the rule of law, making American citizens unwelcome strangers in our own country, and bringing us crime, poverty, high taxes, and low wages never before seen in this country.
  • If we cannot afford to arrest/deport all foreigners now illegally in this country, we also cannot afford not to arrest/deport any of them.
  • We suggest this compromise:  “Immediately deport all foreigners who cannot prove that they were living and working in this country before January 1, 2011”.  After we do this, we should decide whether to have more deportations or make plans to legalize those who remain.
  • We must also suspend all legal and illegal immigration until we resolve the problem of large numbers of foreigners illegally living in the United States.

Let parents and taxpayers again control the public education of our children.

  • End state mandates for Common Core Curriculum and PARCC Testing.
  • Distribute State School Tax portion of “State Property Tax Relief Fund”(Money collected from NJ State Income Tax) to each school district on an equal, per student basis. This is why NJ State Constitution was amended to create state income tax in 1976.
  • Let parents send their children to any accredited public or private school of their choice, and apply their child’s allocated share of state income tax towards that school’s tuition.

Learn from the remarkable story of Somers Point native Richard Somers, who died in America’s 1804 war against Jihad.

  •  When the United States won its independence from England in 1783, we thought we could be at peace with the world by having an army of only 700 men, and no navy.
  • One year later, American ships were attacked by warships from four Muslim kingdoms in North Africa.   Americans were held as slaves until we paid to get them back.
  • In 1798, Americans said “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute” and built a navy.   Richard Somers of Somers Point was one of the first to join.
  • In 1801, America became the first non-Muslim nation in centuries to fight back, rather than pay ransom and tribute to the Muslim kingdoms of NorthAfrica.   Young Americans like Richard Somers amazed the world with their skill and bravery.   Thanks to them, not only America, but all Europe enjoyed more than 150 years of peace and respect from the Muslim world.

No more State mandated beach dunes. 

  • While artificial piles of sand may be helpful to some beachfront towns, many like Margate and Wildwood don’t want or need them.  Wildwood is protected by a very wide beach.   Margate was protected by a sturdy wooden seawall since the 1940’s. Governor Christie is forcing Margate and Wildwood to build dunes anyway because it is big business for big government agencies and big union contractors and lobbyists. Everyone in New Jersey will be forced to pay.

2 thoughts on “Liberty and Prosperity 9 Point Program”

  1. I am a new comer to your organization. After reading your 9 point program I was in agreement with almost all of it, especially when it came to immigration. We now have a governor who wants to make NJ a sanctuary state so its good to know we have an organization who wants enforce the federal immigration laws as it would be better for NJ legal residents.
    I am looking forward to helping in anyway I can in achieving your mission!
    Thank You,
    Vincent C

  2. I also agree with most points made. I especially like the response to the rape of New Jerseyans in regard to highway taxes being used for who knows what and then taxing our fuel by an additional 23 cents. If that’s all it takes to fund road repair then why do we need toll roads? Let’s disband the Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Atlantic City Expressway authorities. We could save millions of dollars in salaries and future pensions.

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