Liberty And Prosperity Is A Most Worthy Charity

In almost every speech he made, Abraham Lincoln reminded Americans that our nation was “conceived in liberty” with the “sentiments embodied in this Declaration”.  

With more liberty, there is more prosperity.  With more liberty and prosperity, there is more charity.  Our organization, Liberty And Prosperity takes its name from New Jersey’s motto which promoted that message since 1776.

We are recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt 503(c) educational charity.  Our prime mission is to understand, teach, and apply the principles that create and preserve Liberty and Prosperity.  We explain why and how the two are always and only found together. 

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When America and Hong Kong had more liberty for more people than anywhere else in the world, both of our nations were by far the most prosperous in the world.

When liberty declined in these two places, so did prosperity.    “Baby Boomers” in America today are the first generation of Americans to have a lower life expectancy than their parents.   “Millenials”, their children, are the first generation of Americans in 400 years to have a lower standard of living.  One in five children in America now face hunger for the first time in our nation’s history.  Drug abuse is rampant because so many Americans now try to escape the ugly realities and lack of opportunity in their lives.

We commend and support charities that give food to the hungry and counseling and treatment to those addicted to drugs.    However, we also believe restoring liberty and prosperity and “boundless opportunities” to Americans is the only long term, permanent solution.

We also recognize that when America was the most free and prosperous nation in the world, we also gave more charity than any other people in the world.
Please help our organization this “Giving Tuesday”.  Although it costs us nothing to reach many people through Twitter, Facebook, and emails like this, we need money to reach those we don’t know and who need our message most.

Each year, we spend roughly $20,000 on postcards, radio spots, and special events for high school and college students.

Our messages are effective, and strongly influence the political culture of South Jersey.  That has been confirmed by election results here in recent years that seem to confound many “experts”.
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