“Lockdowns” Delay Infections & Deaths. They Don’t Stop Them. But Democrat Governors & Media Lie & Say They Do. And Then Falsely Blame Us For Their Failures!

The time to contain or stop coronavirus was last February.   Back in March, we posted how Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong did it. They started travel bans in January, and quarantined everyone infected and their contacts in February.  Click here for “Taiwan Is Free, Non-Communist China. Its 23 Million People Are Safe From Coronavirus”.

Here in the U.S., Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and our Center for Disease Control (CDC) never even suggested this.  Was this because they believed the lies of the Chinese Communist Party regime and its puppet World Health Organization (WHO)?  Were they too politically correct and concerned with HIPAA patient privacy “rights”?  Or were they infected with the culture of mediocrity in American government which no longer recognizes and rewards success or punishes failure?   Click here for “Does Culture of Mediocrity In US Military Also Explain Coronavirus Failures by Drs. Fauci & Birx?”

Right now the best we can do is protect our most vulnerable.  Those with health issues and over 50 years old. The data from the two infected cruise ships (which had a mostly elderly population) show that without social distancing, coronavirus infected roughly 20% of the population before it ran its course.  Roughly 45% had no symptoms. Roughly 1% of those who caught the disease died.

Instead, U.S. and State Public Health Officials came up with shutdowns and lockdowns last March 16.  They said they were part of “15 Days To Slow The Spread”.  They never said these shutdowns and lockdowns would to stop or contain the disease.  How could they?

Even in the tightest lockdown, people still need to go out and buy food.  Employees need to work to grow, produce and deliver that food and run the stores.  They need cars, trucks, buses and trains and people to keep them running.  And of course their are homeless, illegal immigrants, and criminals going wherever they want.  Finally, even the longest and tightest lockdown needs to end sometime.  When it does, just one infected person can start the epidemic all over again.  The lockdowns and shutdowns were never to stop or contain coronavirus.  They were done to “slow the spread” and flatten the curve so that we did not overwhelm our hospitals like in Italy.

“Slow The Spread” lockdowns do not stop infections or deaths.  They just postpone them until later.  The curve they make the curve flatter–But they also make it longer.  There are the same number of people are infected.  There are the same number of deaths.  They just happen over a longer period of time.

We did “slow the spread”.  We did flatten the curve.  We never overwhelmed our hospitals.  Was this because of the lockdown?  Was it because so many of us washed our hands and used common sense that we would have done this without lockdowns?  Was it because computer models predicting an Italy like disaster were wrong from the beginning?  Was it all of the above?  We may never know.

There was a big increase in disease and death in nursing and veterans homes forced to admit contagious coronavirus patients in New York, New Jersey, and other states with Democratic Governors.  However, even hospitals there were never overwhelmed.

The number of new cases requiring hospitalizations dropped so much that the two hospital ships were sent away, and emergency hospitals set up by President Trump for millions of dollars each were dismantled.

So what is the purpose of the lockdowns?   What is the purpose of delaying or postponing infections and deaths that will happen anyway?  Qui bono?  Who benefits?

Why isn’t the media reporting this?  Why isn’t Governor Murphy talking about this?

Instead, both the media and Democrats like Governor Murphy are now spreading a Big Lie. They now falsely claim that lockdowns must continue “until the coronavirus is contained”.  They are doing this even though it is obvious that lockdowns do not and cannot contain coronavirus!  Governor Murphy and the media are then using that first Big Lie to promote two other bigger and more dangerous lies.  One is that the lockdowns are stopping infections and reducing deaths.  The second is that anyone who opposes or defies more of this lockdown is causing people to get infected and die!

Once again, Democrats in America today are repeating the failures and lies of Communists in Russia during the 1920’s and 1930’s.  During that time, Communist politicians took full control of every factory, farm, business, and hospital in Russia. They caused enormous hardship with one failure after another.  In just a few years, most Russians were without enough food, heat, clothing and transportation. Millions died of starvation.

However, few people openly blamed these failures on the Communist regime. The regime ran the schools, media, and all entertainment.  Communist Party leaders falsely blamed their failures on others, and many believed them. Communist leaders falsely claimed their plans were perfect, and falsely blamed “wreckers” for deliberately ruining those plans. Communist Party leaders also falsely claimed that these “wreckers” were part of a selfish and greedy class of “bourgeoisie” (rich business owners and landlords). Finally, Communist Party officials arrested people who had complained about government leaders and their plans, put them on trial for the crime of “wrecking” those plans. The trials were given non-stop newspaper and minute by minute radio coverage. 

Seth Grossman, Executive Director




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