Michael Cutler’s Message: “The more you know about refusal to enforce immigration/visa laws, the angrier you get.”

About 50 Atlantic County residents came to our yearly fundraiser at Ventnor’s Carisbrooke Inn today to learn these undisputed facts from retired federal immigration investigator Michael Cutler:? “About 7,000 Americans are killed each year by people who were born in other countries. . .?? Massive amounts of legal and illegal foreign workers are bringing down wages, putting Americans out of work, and destroying middle class. . .? Foreign born workers in U.S. wire more than $540 billion to their home countries each year, having devastating effect in U.S. economy. . .? Drones and wall on Mexican border will fix nothing. . . We need ‘internal enforcement’ by state and local police and agents working inside the country. We need to arrest and deport foreigners who use fraud and commit crimes to enter and remain in U.S. illegally.?? Most terror attacks are stopped when we accidentally catch terrorists who make mistakes and violate other laws. . .? We built an army, navy, and air force almost from scratch and defeated two of the strongest armies and navies in the world in 44 months during World War II.??? Islamic Jihad went to war against us in 1993 and we have not even begun to seriously defend ourselves.?? That is why we are losing. . . Both ‘Progressive’ Democrat media like New York Times, and Establishment 2016-0221-cutler-after-carisbrookeRepublican media like Fox News and Wall Street Journal advance their anti-American, globalist agenda by lying about negative effects of massive, uncontrolled, immigration. . .? It is our job as citizens to be our own media tell the truth about what is going on to as many people as we can”.?? Michael Cutler.? As indicated in photo, Michael Cutler stayed for more than an hour after program to answer questions.?? Click here for video at:? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6ll_7VEXeA&feature=youtu.be.

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