“No Arrests” Again When Democrat Mob Attacks And Injures Trump Supporter. Why Won’t FBI Enforce Laws Adopted To Protect White & Black Republicans After Last Civil War?

Last Saturday, thousands of Trump supporters held a peaceful “USA Freedom Rally” in Beverly Hills California.  About 40 leftists dressed in black and wearing helmets and protective gear approached and threatened the Trump supporters.  Several violently attacked and injured one of them.  The police forced the leftists to disperse, but made no effort to arrest or charge them.

This is exactly what the KKK Democrats did to blacks and white Republicans in the South in 1866 after the Civil War.  KKK thugs viciously attacked, beat and killed black and white Republicans who tried to vote and exercise their civil rights.  Local Sheriffs refused to arrest or prosecute those responsible.  Congress quickly adopted a series of Civil Rights laws between 1866 and 1877 to address this situation.  Those new Civil War Laws or Civil Rights Laws gave federal authorities power to arrest and prosecute KKK Democrats when local law enforcement failed to do so.  Republican President Ulysses Grant aggressively used those laws to crush the KKK during his eight years of office.  The Federal Civil Rights laws used by President Grant are still on the books.  Why isn’t the FBI using them to protect Trump Supporters?

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