Press of Atlantic City hate cartoons against Trump supporters just like Nazi hate cartoons against Jews

A typical hate cartoon against Jews from the Nazi newspaper “Die Stuermer”? (The Stormtrooper) in 1930’s is on the left.?? A typical hate cartoon against by Obama/Clinton Democrats against Trump Republicans in America is on the right.?? That hate cartoon against Trump Republicans was published by The Press of Atlantic City last Friday, March 3, 2017.

Similar hate cartoons were used by white racists against blacks in the Jim Crow South in 1920’s and 1950’s.?? Communists in Russia and China used similar hate cartoons to demonize factory owners, shopkeepers, and family farmers in 1930’s and 1950’s.?? They are called “Stuermer” cartoons after the Nazi newspaper was so effective in whipping up hatred and physical attacks against Jews in Germany.

“Stuermer” cartoons make hateful generalizations about a race any race or group that portray them as evil, unpleasant, and less than human.??? Because such cartoons brought about such hatred and violence, they became unacceptable in America years ago.?? However, suddenly they have become acceptable when the group being attacked are whites, Christians, conservatives, or Republicans in America today.? We invite you to contact the editors of the Press of Atlantic City or any newspaper or online blog that these cartoons are not funny and not acceptable.?? They put Americans in physical danger simply for honestly expressing their political views.

Press of Atlantic City Publisher:? Mark L. Blum at 609-272-7110 and

Vice President of News:? Kris Worrell at 609-272-7277 and

Editorial Page Editor:? Kevin Post at 609-272-7244 and

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