“Racist” NJ Budget Claim Proves Ageless Wisdom of Ten Commandments. And Why “Moderate” or “Progressive”, “Welfare State” Socialism Is Not Sustainable.

For more than three thousand years, Bible-based civilizations recognized the wisdom of Ten Commandments.  You shall not covet what others have.  You shall not steal from them.  Those values are imbedded in the “self-evident truths” our American Declaration of Independence of 1776.   “We are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  To secure these rights, governments are instituted, exercising their just powers with the consent of the governed”.  When Americans understood and respected these ideas and values, we brought more wealth, opportunity, and justice to more people than any other nation in history.  That is the meaning of “Liberty and Prosperity”, New Jersey’s motto since 1776.

Since the French Revolution of 1789, “socialists” have attacked these values and ideas.  To socialists, the sin of being jealous of what others have is a virtue.  To socialists, using votes, politics, and government to steal from others is a right.  Socialists brought war, death, anger, poverty, and misery whenever they had absolute control of a country.

In 1793, socialists in France blamed, hated, then killed “aristocrats” and took their stuff.  In 1918, Marxist socialists (Communists or Bolsheviks) in Russia blamed, hated, and then killed the bourgeoisie (owners of farms and businesses)  and took their stuff.  In 1933, National Socialists (Nazionalsozialisti in Italian, National Sozialisten in German or Nazis for short) blamed, hated, and then killed Jews and took their stuff).

Since 1896, Democrats in America called themselves “progressives” and embraced “moderate” socialism.  Like all socialists, they thought it was a virtue to be jealous of all who had more.  Like all socialists, they felt they had the right to use votes, politics, and government to steal from those they felt had “too much”.   However, they did not steal everything from those who had “too much”.  When they took control of the U.S. Federal government and most state governments in 1913, and again in in 1933, they used “progressive” taxes to take just some money from “the rich” and give it to others who “needed” it more (and who reliably voted for them).  Democrats called their new America a “welfare” state, not a socialist one.

However, a “welfare” state or “moderate” welfare state is not stable.  It is not sustainable.  It is a fact of human nature that very few people are satisfied with what they have.  Most people always want more.  A “moderate” socialist state or “welfare state” gives every voter the right to get more simply by voting for a politician who promises to give him or her more by taking from somebody else.   With no moral or constitutional barrier to stop this, it is only a matter of time before “moderate” socialist states (also known as “progressive” welfare states turn into brutal, failed Communist or National Socialist countries.   That is because when these regimes “run out of other people’s money” they will use their media, schools, and entertainment industry to blame others, not themselves for their failure. This causes anger and hatred against anyone who is seen as an “enemy” of the regime.  This explained why more than 94 million people were killed by Marxist socialist (Communist) regimes since 1917.  Click here for details.    This does not included more than 11 million killed by Hitler’s “National Socialist” regime.

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