Solar Panels, Wind Turbines at Sea–All just another Ponzi scam!

Almost every day, we are lied to about solar panels and wind turbines.?? They don?t cut carbon dioxide or stop global warming.?? They don?t save money.?? They also kill far more jobs than they create, because they force electric companies to roughly triple their rates.

Every sixth grader should know that the Ice Age is not just a movie.?? It was when the earth got cold ?two million years ago.?? Giant ice sheets? (and woolly mammoths) covered most of New Jersey.? ???The earth got warmer and that ice started to melt about 23,000 years ago.? Whether carbon dioxide from man-made machines a difference during the past 200 years is far from ?settled science?.ice-age-woolly-mammoths

But even if carbon dioxide (the gas we breathe out, and green plants breathe in) is bad, solar panels and wind turbines do nothing to make less of it.? ?Think of the electric grid that powers our homes as a giant tire, that needs the uniform pressure at all times.???? When we turn on a microwave, it is like letting air out of that tire which must be immediately replaced?by cranking up a generator to put more power in.

Solar panels are useless because they only produce electricity about three hours a day, and shut down whenever a cloud goes by.?? Wind turbines stop whenever the wind stops ?blowing.?? As a sailboat owner, I also know that wind rarely blows on the hottest summer days when we need power the most.?? No matter how many wind turbines and solar panels we build, we will still need back-up generators to burn the same amount of coal, oil, and natural gas so they can quickly pump power into the grid whenever a cloud goes by or the wind stops blowing.

So how do owners of solar panels and wind turbines make money from this?? Through a complicated Ponzi scheme run by NJ State government.? It forces electric companies to roughly triple electric rates for the 98% of customers who don?t have solar panels and wind turbines? so that the 2% who do (plus other selected groups of dependent voters) get ?free? electricity.19120

In Nevada, the system collapsed a few months ago, when solar panel use increased to 4%, and the other 96% demanded and got lower bills and an end to this redistribution scheme.

Can you help us deliver messages like this to students at Stockton College?? Please contact Seth Grossman c/o or or at (609) 927-7333.? Published in Shore Local, Galloway Edition, April 14, 2016

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