“South Jersey Building Trades” AFL-CIO unions block construction of new Rite Aid Pharmacy in Atlantic City.

They claim Rite Aid’s contractors ignore “area standards”.? Union “area standards” are inflated wages for politically connected union companies, union2016-0219-union-ac run pension plans that are often mismanaged and insolvent, and inefficient work rules.? For example, in most non-union jobs, an electrician or plumber can break up and patch a sidewalk to run a wire or a pipe underneath. ?? However, a union electrician or plumber following “area standards”, must wait for a union laborer to break up the sidewalk, and then have a union mason patch it.?? Because of this few private businesses, even casinos, can afford to pay union “area standards” contractors.?? That is why almost all “area standards” union construction jobs are government projects paid for with taxes and borrowed money.?? This also explains why it costs so much more to build roads and bridges in New Jersey than anywhere else, and why NJ politicians say we need another hike in the gasoline tax to bail out the insolvent NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority.

These AFL-CIO union leaders are also hypocrites when they complain about competition from low-wage, non-union companies.? For years, these same union leaders supported Obama and Clinton Democrats who refuse to enforce immigration laws, and give us the massive, uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration that lowers wages and kills jobs.? Retired Immigration and Naturalization Service Senior Inspector Michael Cutler explained this to us in great detail at our fundraiser in Ventnor today.?? Seth Grossman, Executive Director2016-0219-union-ac-shame

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  1. Yes , in order to be a more progressive country we need to drop our macho unions and become more like China ! With 80 hr work weeks , no building codes and girding children to do work that they can handle ! I’m a union roofer by trade so If I cut a power line off , I can fix it ! It takes no skill to repair your electricit wire and a roofer tops it all , so I’m qualified ! A concrete sidewalk is about a inch or 2 deep , plenty good until I get paid, I can fix your drywall even though I never did it before and just use pliers to turn your lights on ! NOT ! Unions have codes ( city , state and federal) they follow to insure things should be done right when there done with a license that states they should know it although the biggest part of the test is how to pay taxes !

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