Stockton College

Weekly Update – August 26

Egg Harbor Township paid $110,000 to settle a fee shifting lawsuit with one police officer. Nutella may pay $3.75 million legal fees to 13 customers who claimed they were victims of false claim that Nutella on toast was a ‘balanced breakfast’. Wawa paid $12,500 to settle a discrimination claim against someone who tried to bring a dog into the store even though he was not blind. (He suffered from a “seizure disorder and disassociative amnesia”.)

Weekly Update – 30 June, 2012

“The American form of Government is a three horse team provided by the Constitution so that their field might be plowed. The three horses are the Congress, the Executive, and the Courts. Two of the horses are pulling in unison today. The third is not. The American people expect the third horse, the Courts, to pull in unison with the other two. . . ” Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt Fireside Chat (national radio address) #9, March 9, 1937.

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