Tell Congressman LoBiondo the truth about that phony immigration “reform” bill!

  • Join President Dennis Mahon this Monday, August 26 ?at 2PM at the Mays Landing office of? Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo.? The office is at 5914 Main Street, in Mays Landing.? Mahon will give the Congressman a letter that?explains that we know what is in the proposed ?Immigration Law?, we know it is a fraud.? We demand that LoBiondo vote against every version of it.

a.? The proposed law will make more than 15 million illegal Democrats legal voters?if they fill out a form that says lived here since December 31, 2011.? It will guarantee them billions of dollars worth of welfare, medical care, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, free cell phones, free electricity, etc. and will encourage them to vote for even more benefits in future.
b.?? It will allow these newly legal illegal immigrants to bring in millions of family members in as legal immigrants ahead of anyone else.
c.? It will do nothing to remove the millions of illegal immigrants who arrived AFTER? December 31, 2011 and sets the stage for a yet a ?third immigration reform ?amnesty??if we are not a poverty stricken developing country ourselves by then. ?? ????????? d.? This proposed immigration ?reform? law is the second torpedo that fill finish off an already sinking America. (The first torpedo was ObamaCare!)

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1 thought on “Tell Congressman LoBiondo the truth about that phony immigration “reform” bill!”

  1. we cannot leave this to the politicians == it must go to popular vote, a referendum
    in every state , for or against this devastating law-in-waiting

    this law will damage all Americans and bring the black community to its knees

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