The March/April Coronavirus Was Deadly. Today’s COVID19 Is Not. Trump And Republicans Need To Explain Why. And Do It NOW!

Most deaths, hospitalizations, and disability from coronavirus, COVID19 took place in America between March and April.  That is because at that time, it was new.  It was a “novel” coronavirus.  Doctors had no idea how to deal with it.  They did not know what medication or treatment was best.  They often prescribed medication and treatment that made things worse.  For example, doctors at first did not know that blood thinners were often needed to prevent deadly blood clots in the lungs.  They did not know that ventilators often caused, rather than prevented, certain deaths.

Now doctors are much more aware of how to prevent and treat the virus.  Some of this treatment is as simple of increasing Vitamin D levels by walking outside in the sun!  Most of the new medications and treatments recently given to President Trump are now routinely given to everyone!  That is why today, death and hospitalization rates for coronavirus are similar to those for the flu.

Notice that when President Trump or others compare coronavirus with the flu, Democrats and the media respond with statistics and stories of coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations that took place during March and April.   Then, coronavirus COVID19 was deadly.  Now it is not.  The virus may be the same.  But because the treatment is so much better, is now a completely different disease.

Democrats and the media are doing everything they can to deny that fact.  President Trump, Republicans and others need to respond.  Instead of simply stating that coronavirus today is “like the flu”, they need to admit that coronavirus  COVID19 was deadly in March and April.  However, they must then described how better knowledge and treatment changed that.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime is directly responsible for the the two month delay in properly preventing and treating coronavirus COVID19.  They had been studying COVID19 or similar coronaviruses in their Wuhan laboratory for years.  They recognized the danger of COVID19 by November or early December at the latest.  However, the Chinese Communist regime failed to share any of their information with the rest of the world.  We now know that the Chinese Communist Party effectively controls the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).  Judicial Watch is not requesting emails to find out what if any influence it had on United States Health Officials.  The CCP did not share information with WHO.  It refused to let WHO tell the truth about coronavirus until after most of the world was infected.  The Chinese Communist Party forced the United States and every other nation to “re-invent the wheel” and start from scratch.  This caused months of delay and caused millions of unnecessary infections and deaths in the United States and around the world.

The island nation of Taiwan has 24 million people.  It is the only part of China not occupied by the Communist regime on the Mainland.  For years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime on the Mainland has been trying to occupy Taiwan and destroy its democracy.

Because non-Communist Taiwan did not trust Communist China or WHO, it sent its own investigators to Wuhan in early December.   Non-Communist Taiwan was the only nation in the world that understood and correctly responded to coronavirus.  It banned travel from Communist China at the beginning of January, 2020, a full month before the United States. Taiwan also did masks, quarantines, contact tracing, and frequent temperature checks months before WHO, Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx and experts in the rest of the world said they were needed.  Now, of course, it is far too late to use most of those methods in the United States.

Although Taiwan and also Hong Kong did their best to warn the rest of the world about misinformation coming from Communist China and WHO, virtually all mainstream health organizations and the media refused to acknowledge them.  In fact, top WHO officials refused to even mention the name “Taiwan” in a TV news interview!

President Trump and Republicans need to immediately tell voters these important facts right away.  We are having the election now.  Every hour, more people are voting by mail.

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