This US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Is Awful. Please Tell President Trump–And Everyone You Know!

The US- Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a VERY bad deal for Americans.  It was presented to Congress by President Trump last July, after two years of negotiations with the leaders of Mexico and Canada and dozens of special interest groups in all three countries .  Last December, it was approved by the Democratic majority House of Representatives many changes to benefit Democrat run unions and other special interest groups.  The Republican Senate approved last week without removing any of the Democrat changes.   The measure will become law if approved by President Trump.

Here’s why this US-Mexico-Canada Agreement is such a bad deal.  It is an 1,809 page document that controls far more than trade and tariffs.  It will instead do this if signed by President Trump:

Take our sovereignty,

Override our Constitution,

Circumvent our Congress,

Take jurisdiction over our Courts

Override our Property Rights with the UN’s Sustainable Development/Agenda 2030

Establish a Single Energy Grid for Canada, Mexico and the US run by the UN

Establish a Supranational Bureaucracy for all three countries

Establish Open Immigration among the 3 countries

Climate Change regulations & taxes will be implemented

“Gender Identity” and “gender-related issues” (aka LGBTQ) will be promoted

Control our Customs Duties

Effectively make us a member state of the globalists run North American Union

And then there are the exceptions for each country (even more UN control of America)

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