Three Weeks & Three Articles Later, Media Still Refuses To Publish Photo Of White Murder Victim. Can’t Distract From Narrative.

“Mainstream” daily newspapers like showed side by side photos of accused and victims for Ahmoud Arbery and George Floyd deaths where whites were accused, and victims were black. This is third front page article on this murder. This newspaper did not publish photo of victim, which would disclose that she was white, in any of them.  Click here for full Press article.

Tracy DuBois, age 37 was attacked twice before by Patrick Spann before being beaten and choked to death by him on May 21.  Spann was jailed after the first attack, but released from jail early with “Level II Monitoring”.  When arrested after second attack on Tracy last April, Spann was released by Cumberland County Judge Joseph M. Chiarello after Spann said he would “not have contact” with Tracy or “consume drugs or alcohol”.  This tragedy should provoke outrage, and lead to immediate repeal of NJ Bail Reform Constitutional Amendment of 2017.  It should also provoke research into whether Spann was motivated by racist hatred against whites.  If so, did fake “Black History” promoted by schools, media, and Hollywood/TV pop culture contribute to it? 

Three weeks after this very preventable murder, why does still refuses to publish photo of Bridgeton victim Tracy Dubois? None of the previous articles in this “mainstream” daily newspaper published a photo of the victim either. Why does the media  hide the fact that the victim of this murder by a black man was white? This same paper repeatedly posted side by side photos of the accused whites, and black victims Ahmoud Arbery and George Floyd. The media wants the public to be aware of race in the very rare cases when the accused is white and the victim is black.  What other reason can there be for not posting photos of both victim and accused when races are reversed?

Even worse is the PressofAtlanticCity headline, “Bridgeton man had ‘toxic’ history with victim”. Doesn’t that falsely imply that the victim shared some responsibility?

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion to detain this murderer, Patrick Spann, last April. Spann had then been arrested for attacking Tracy a second time, while out on early release from jail “on Level II monitoring” for attacking her a previous time. Superior Court Judge Joseph M. Chiarello denied that motion. He released the murderer when he said he would not have contact with Tracy, and not consume drugs or alcohol. Spann confessed that on May 22, he, beat and strangled Tracy to death, removed her clothing, stole the contents of her purse, including prescription drugs, and dragged her body to the Cohansey River in Bridgeton. Tracy’s blood was found on Spann’s fingertips, hair and ear.   Spann also had swollen knuckles, as well as cuts and abrasions on his hands. There was a trail of Tracy’s blood from the inside of an abandoned building on Grove Street, and through a wooded area to the river. Spann’s backpack contained Tracy’s prescription drugs, wallet, credit cards, and cell phone.

After Tracy was murdered, a different Superior Court Judge William F. Ziegler, ordered that the Spann be held without bail until trial after stating on the record:

“The two conditions of his monitoring that were of paramount importance to the court that released him were that he not have contact with the victim, who is now dead, and that he not consume drigs or alcohol. . . Seemingly the state has proven, at least provided probably cause, that he violated both of those conditions of his prior pre-trial release”.

Also worth mentioning: Why is “racism” presumed in almost every case when any black is attacked or killed by any white? Why is everything but racism discussed as a possible motive when anyone who is white is attacked or killed by anyone who is black? What caused this black man to have such hatred against this white woman who just wanted to be away from him? Could it have been year of the fake black history pumped out day after day by the media, schools, and Hollywood and TV pop culture? Have there been any studies? Has there been any research? Does anybody care?

Also, how many threats, bullying, and deaths like this will it take for our State Senators, and State Assembly members to openly admit that their “Constitutional Amendment” that gave us “bail reform” was a horrible and dangerous mistake?   How long will it take them to put a Public Question on the ballot allowing us to repeal it?

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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