“Too many conservatives are in small little groups that mostly talk and complain among themselves. . . “

(Submitted by L.G.,?an active conservative from Monmouth County who recently moved to a lowtax state.? ?She was responding to this week’s email updated where we discussed the?Fugs song “Wide Wide River” from 1969.? That song –Caution–Lyrics are?vulgar– described mood of?”progressive” Democrats?when they were?as hopeless and beaten down as?we are?today.?? Five years later, those “progressive” Democrats drove out Republican President Nixon, took over the Democratic Party, and?elected Jimmy Carter.)1751-join-or-die
Just want to chime in – as I no longer live in NJ so won’t be at your Saturday breakfast.
The reasons the Democrats came back is they united together to create a vision and a united force to be reckoned with.
Unfortunately, the Conservative groups find themselves all too independent to really work together. ?Every time I suggest it I get so much push back.
Right now too many conservative groups are divided into many?small?groups who mostly get together to talk and complain amongst themselves.? Occasionally they organize a walk on DC or something that gets no coverage from the media so no one knows we were there.
But if we decide Liberty is a good enough cause to unite for and put our egos aside, if we can accept?not being totally independent, we could go from being a bunch of annoying little gnats to a mighty swarm of bees. ?We need someone to unite us in that cause, and for all the leaders of all the small groups to form a common strategy.
There is?so much talent and passion amongst the groups.? Each brings something different and worthwhile.???JBS has great educational material.?? Center for Self Governance has great training on how to get active locally.?? C4L, Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, TEA Parties…. ?Every day a new group finds me asking for money.? But the money pool is so diluted among hundreds? of small groups and candidates that there isn’t much left. ?I sometimes wonder that the left is somehow involved in this.
We need one big united? movement.?? Something? like “Americans for Constitutional Alignment”.??The smaller groups need not break up.?? They do need to agree to common goals and strategies.?? That is how our forefathers united to start and win?the Revolution. ?This will be a revolution. ?If we unite and succeed now it doesn’t need to be a bloody one.
But it will become a bloody one down the road once full blown Socialism is installed.? At that time, emails like?this would not only be read by the government, but would be enough evidence to have us arrested and sent to some?”sensitivity” or “obedience” or other “re-education” program.
This is becoming a matter of life or death. ?With these trade agreements, our borders will soon be gone and Agenda 21 in full bloom.
New Jersey did not become part of New York when the 13 colonies united to defeat the?British.??? www.libertyandprosperity.org can remain a separate organization if it joins?a united effort for victory.
Why does effective teamwork seem so?out of vogue for conservatives??? Sadly, until we unite to secure the Liberty we want, we will give the “progressives” one easy victory after another.??? Good luck!

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  1. Amen to that! I have at time seen conservative groups act in a spirit of competition rather than cooperation. Are you kidding me? We need to band together and leverage our strengths. “L.G.” nails it on the head – we do not need to, and should not, lose our individual identities/groups. But we must agree on shared goals and unite if we hope to have the type of numbers needed to effectively fight the left. There is strength in numbers and to turn a blind eye to our allies seems self defeating.
    Thank you for expressing your thoughts so well, L.G.

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