Violent, Ignorant, Self-Absorbed Bullies Are Biggest Threat To Blacks In America. Yet Democrats, Media, & Big Corporations Falsely Blame Whites & Police.

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Blacks in America were on verge of achieving full economic, social, and political equality with whites in early 1960’s.  Then “progressive” Democrats pushed them back with massive welfare, union-run, politicized public schools, and massive legal and illegal immigration.  This is what destroyed black families, black churches, black businesses.  This is what ended literacy and excellence in black schools.  This is what caused so many young blacks to reject the American culture of learning, training, planning, and work to succeed.  That is why far too many instead embrace a destructive culture of anger, jealousy, and entitlement.  The violence, poverty, and misery in black communities today are the result of the “progressive” vote-buying culture of Democrats from the 1960’s.  Not slavery from the 1860’s.

Yet every day, Americans are saturated with lies that falsely blame whites, racism, and police. For years, those lies were told every day in our schools, colleges, media, and Hollywood movies and TV.  Today, corporate giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, McDonalds, NFL Football, Microsoft, Yahoo force us to look at those lies every day.

YouTube is one of many corporate giants to use its full corporate resources, including its official website, to promote this same Big Lie.  The poverty and violence of so many black Americans today has nothing to do with slavery, racism, or a “black experience of injustice”.  It has everything to do with the “progressive” Democrats who brought welfare, socialism, and a 400% increase in legal immigration to America in the 1960’s.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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