Vote By Mail Means Cheat By Mail! How Much More “Evidence” Do You Need?

“Voting” for Coffee at Somers Point Wawa. Each customer waits in line in front of a “ballot” with ten coffee “candidates”.  He or she then “votes” by filling a cup from the selected container.  Instead of signing book for a poll worker, each Wawa “voter” waits in line to pay cashier.  This is how in-person voting takes place at regular polling places.  Vote by mail has far more person to person contact to spread coronavirus. When  ballots are mailed, paid “community organizers” (like Atlantic City’s Craig Callaway) go door to door checking to make sure each voter on their list received his or her ballot, and completes that ballot “correctly”.  

For two weeks, almost every “mainstream” radio and TV news report began with this big lie about mail-in voting almost every day and every hour.

“President Trump, without evidence, claimed that mail-in voting will increase fraud”.

Last Friday’s Press of Atlantic City featured a front page article which quoted NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal as saying:  “Voting by mail is safe, secure, and reliable”.

The Press Article also stated: “Many experts say voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States”.

The article did not mention that NJ Attorney General just helped set aside a city council election in Paterson, New Jersey for massive voter fraud.  It did not mention the claims of mail-in and messenger ballot voter fraud in Atlantic City that resulted in bi-partisan legislation putting strict limits on those ballots four years ago.

Click here for August 21, 2020 Press of Atlantic City article “Rio Grande Rally Brings Out Support for US Postal Service”.

It has been obvious for years that Vote-By-Mail Paper Ballots permit, encourage, and reward fraud at almost every stage of the process.  For years, bribes, intimidation, and fraud in mail-in and hand-delivered “messenger” paper ballots changed the outcomes of close elections in Atlantic City and other towns throughout New Jersey.

This rarely made the news or resulted in calls for reform or criminal investigations when fraud was used by Democrats to defeat Republicans.   However, it became a big, highly publicized problem when upstart Democrats used mail and messenger ballots to defeat Establishment Democrats in Primary, local or school Elections in Atlantic City, Pleasantville, and elsewhere.

Click here for May 21, 2020 Press of Atlantic City article:  “Harrison Requests Federal Oversight Of Primary, Citing Concerns About Callaway”.

Click here for August 20, 2020 article: “City Gets An Election Do-Over After Voter Fraud Issues. (Paterson, New Jersey)”

I speak from experience.  I lost my first election for City Council in Atlantic City in 1984 by three votes because of mail-in vote fraud.  I won a primary election for freeholder by one vote four years later after a long court case.   Since then, I worked on several recounts and court challenges for candidates who won or lost by less than a dozen votes in recounts and election contests.

Below are eight items of “evidence” that vote-by-mail allows, and rewards cheat-by-mail.  If you disagree, or can think of others, please share your thoughts with us in the “comments” section.  Thanks!

  1.  Nearly half of the names on New Jersey voters lists are names of people who cannot and do not vote.   Some died, some moved, some got married and are voting under different names, some are illegal immigrants, some were added to get cheap NJ auto insurance, some were fake to begin with and used to cheat in elections years ago.  It takes years to remove these names.   This explains why it is no longer possible to remove bad officials through special recall elections.  Until Christie Todd Whitman Republicans changed the law, 25% of voters who voted in the last election could force a special recall election.  In 1994, Republicans changed the law to require that the petition be signed by 25% of voters listed in the registration books.  This effectively doubled the signature requirement to 50%, because half the voters on the books don’t exist!
  2. People seem more willing to lie under oath on paper, than in person.   As a small town lawyer, I saw several clients sign bankruptcy petitions with information they knew was false.  However, when they were about to testify in person before the trustee, they suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and told me they needed to “correct” their paperwork.  This also applies to voting. During the 2019  Atlantic City elections, I saw dozens of voter registration forms where people signed statements falsely swearing they lived in places where they did not live. Hardly any voted in person.  Most voted by mail.
  3. Mail carriers often deliver ballots to the address on an envelope even though they know the person doesn’t live there.  They are not trained poll workers.  They know that people living at an address are often related to or are in touch with people who are not there, and either return the mail, or forward it to the right person. During this year’s all mail May 12 local, and July 7 Primary  elections in Atlantic City, I saw roughly a dozen mail-in ballots left unattended on the table of my apartment building mail room. Anyone could have easily taken those ballots, filled them out, and mailed them with little chance of being identified or punished.  According to Governor Murphy’s plan for this election, there will be seven weeks from when ballots are mailed out, until the day they must be turned in. Few mail boxes or ballot drop off boxes have video or other surveillance.
  4. Democrats have far more motives and opportunities than Republicans to cheat.  Democrats have more paid election workers who register voters and help them vote in the same neighborhoods year after year.  Democrats support more government taxes, borrowing, and spending on government programs that hire people who help Democrats get elected.  Government and politics are far more important to most Democrats than most Republicans.  Democrats are more likely to believe it is OK for them to control the government “by any means necessary”.  Democrats who stop traffic, break windows, set fires, steal merchandise from stores, and beat up political opponents are unlikely to be troubled by breaking the law to get extra votes for their candidates.
  5. No sample ballots means more illegal votes.  Since 1941, New Jersey State law requires sample ballots to be mailed to each registered voter at least 8 days before the election.  Sample ballots make fraud more difficult.  That is because the post office is supposed to return the sample ballot of every voter it can’t locate.  When that happens, poll workers are permitted are instructed to “challenge” or question people who could not be located at their voting address by the post office.  It appears that Governor Murphy ordered that sample ballots not be sent this year “to save money”.
  6. No time stamps and late mail-in voting means more illegal votes.   For years, in-person voting ended on 8pm on election day, and mail ballot had to be postmarked by election day, and received by the Board of Elections by 8pm of the Thursday after election day.   It appears that certain post offices are NOT putting a postmark date on much mail they processed, and that Governor Murphy is allowing mail-in ballots to be received weeks after the November 3 final election delay.  This will give community organizers additional weeks to complete and mail more ballots to selected areas AFTER receiving partial results.
  7. Vote By Mail wipes out safeguards that kept most elections honest in New Jersey for more than a hundred years.  State law (NJSA 19-15-26) requires that all voting be done “in the booth secretly and screened from the observation of others”.  NJSA 19:15-18 does not permit anyone to be present in the polling room other than those waiting to vote, poll workers, candidates, and their challengers.  Vote-By-Mail makes every kitchen table, in every house, of every voter a polling place.  This gives family members, neighbors, and “community organizers” going door to door direct access to many voters and their ballots as they are voting!
  8. Vote-By-Mail increases person-to-person contact and the spread of coronavirus.   Voting in an established polling place is as safe and simple as buying coffee at any Wawa.  For voting, each voter identifies him or herself, signs a book, and stands in line outside a voting machine.  Then, he or she walks to the machine and votes behind a curtain.  At Wawa, the process is reversed.  Each customer waits in line in front of ten coffee “candidates”.   The customer then votes for his/her by a cup with coffee from the selected container.  Then he or she waits in line to pay the cashier. Vote by mail has far more person to person contact to spread coronavirus. When  ballots are mailed, paid “community organizers” (like Atlantic City’s Craig Callaway) go door to door checking to make sure each voter on their list receives his or her ballot, and votes that ballot “correctly”.  
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