Wawa regular gas at $2.87/gallon today in North Wildwood by Parkway Exit #6.

Whenever gas price goes up,? politicians, government bureaucrats, TV news reporters, and the popular culture all rush?to blame price hikes on “corporate greed”, “Big Oil”, gouging gas station owners, and all sorts of conspiracies. But all these people have nothing to say when prices go down.??? If they did, more people would understand that prices normally go up when consumers don’t have enough of what they want.?? Higher prices normally?encourage and reward more people to produce more of what is wanted.????Higher prices also encourage people to?be more careful and waste less.??? If more Americans again?understood how supply and demand affects prices,??they would not demand dumb things like price controls, which raise taxes, cut supplies, and increase demand to make the situation even worse.???It would also be nice if politicians, media, and schools and colleges would admit that by by “fracking” to get abundant, cheap, natural gas from Pennsylvania to heat?homes and make electricity, those “greedy” natural gas companies?let more oil be used to make? more gasoline, which brings down prices.???Please “like”?our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page? and “share” our posts, so we can reach more people for less money.?? Thanks.

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