Why Are These White Linwood, NJ Suburban High School “Protesters” So Ignorant? Help Us Reach & Teach Them.

Last Monday, about 100 mostly white high school and middle school students walked in “peaceful protest” along the bike bath in the upscale residential suburb of Linwood, NJ near Mainland Regional High School.

Most carried signs with slogans like “Police Brutality Is Genocide –Reparations Now” and “All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter” and “Silence Is Violence”. Photo by Shore Local Newsmagazine.

The basic message of the “protest” was that American whites in general and police in particular murdered a hundred innocent black people during the past six years.  Photo by Shore Local Newsmagazine.

How can so many of the most privileged and best educated students in our community be this ignorant?  What are they being taught by their teachers at Mainland High School and the Northfield, Linwood, and Somers Point public schools?  How many are being praised for their “courage” and “commitment” by their parents?

Do they know that ten year old Micah “Dew” Tennant was gunned down at a Pleasantville High School football game last November?

Do they know he was gunned down by the same kind of thugs who terrorize black neighborhoods in almost every city every day throughout America?  Do they know about nine year old “Chikis” Trejo shot to death while asleep in her bed in Bridgeton, or 37 year old “Jo Jo” Jones, the volunteer coach for a Millville Midget League football team gunned down in front of his middle school student players in 2018?

The “defense” offered by most of these thugs was that they shot these innocents “accidentally” while trying to murder somebody else.

Do the student “protestors” in Linwood know that victims of these thugs, and their neighbors and families are the ones who call police to get protection?   Do they know that police make roughly 10 million arrests every year?  Do they know that only a handful of those arrests result in shootings or physical restraints by police?

Do they know that almost every police shooting or physical restraint takes place because a suspect attacks or threatens the arresting officer, or resists arrest, or fails to follow simple instructions?

Do they know that in America, we have constitutions, laws, courts, and trials?  Do they know that if a police office makes a mistake, the time to fix it is later in a courtroom and not now in the street?

Tracy DuBois, age 37, was brutally murdered in Bridgeton, NJ last May 21 after weeks of begging police, prosecutors, and courts for protection from Patrick Spann.  The daily newspapers refused to publish her photo other than for her obituary.  This cleverly concealed the obvious probability race hatred against whites was a factor in this murder.

Even though he had clearly violated the terms of his “Level II monitoring” after release from jail, a Cumberland County Superior Court judge refused to re-arrest Patrick Spann when he continued to threaten and stalk Tracy DuBois.  Was this judge more concerned about meeting “diversity” goals for the jail population than protecting citizens?

Do they know, or care, how many whites in America were attacked or killed because of black racist hatred towards whites?

If you missed this story of how courage, skill, and quick thinking by Atlantic City Police Officer Daniel Kramer allowed this armed and dangerous thug to be captured without the firing of a single shot, it is understandable.  The PressOfAtlanticCity buried this story on Page 3.  Not a single public official or “community leader” praised or recognized how Officer Kramer put himself at risk to avoid a tragedy that could have ruined Atlantic City for years.

Do they know that every day, white police officers risk their lives to question or arrest dangerous suspects without using their weapons to avoid the tragedies they are protesting against?   Do they know that last June 19, Atlantic City police officer Daniel Kramer risked his life by not using his weapon to arrest 19 year old Azir Abdullah?  Abudullah was carrying a handgun, and was fleeing from a gun battle in front of the Sovereign Avenue Elementary School where promotion exercises were taking place.

Click here or photo for full story and video by ABCNews.

Do they know that a ten year old black girl was murdered during a drive-by shooting making her the tenth black child under 12 to be murdered in Chicago this summer?

If they don’t know, why don’t they know?   Why do their teachers only tell them about the very rare situations where a handful of blacks are killed by police, and not about the common, everyday situations where blacks are murdered by other blacks?   Why aren’t they told that almost every black killed by police was being arrested for breaking the law, and was either attacking or threatening the arresting officers, or resisting a lawful arrest.

If their parents and teachers won’t tell these kids the truth.  Maybe we should.  Why not click this link, and then share this post with everyone who “liked” and supported Monday’s “peaceful protect” in Linwood?  

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  1. The organizer was a privileged white teenage girl that recently moved from Nebraska to Linwood. Irony.

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