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So please make a special effort to bring?a friend, your kids or grandkids along.????We need a few more people to pick up lists and make a last round of?phone calls.?? ??We are still paying students to hand out flyers on Ocean City Boardwalk and Somers Point food stores.??? If you can help in any way, please reply by email or call?609-927-7333.??? Please print a few of your own flyers from?http://libertyandprosperity.org/richard-somers-day-celebration-flier-in-pdf/.? Then give them to some people you know this weekend, or post it on church/synagogue/club bulletin board.

And of course, please forward this message to your list, and share our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook?https://www.facebook.com/libertyandprosperity?messages. ? Thanks.

Free public ceremony at the Somers Mansion, 1000 Shore Road (Intersection of Shore Road and Ocean City Bridge) in Somers Point at 1:30 PM on Labor Day Monday, September 2.? Fundraising cash-bar buffet after ceremony at 2:00 PM, at Gregory?s across street?900 Shore Road.? Tickets are available at door for $25 per person, $35 per couple.?? But if you buy your tickets now, we can plan better.

Seth Grossman guest appearance on radio?1020AM Ocean City.?? Tomorrow, Saturday from 9AM to 10AM.? On air call-in number is?609-398-1020.??? Regular Saturday breakfast discussion at Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads (by Parkway Exit 36), Egg Harbor Township, NJ from 9:30 AM 10:30 AM.?? Buy your tickets and pick up your phone list there!

A public high school history teacher published a letter in the Current newspaper blasting our ?September 2 ??Event to Remember ?Richard Somers and America?s First War against Jihad? as ??so alarming and so disgusting?.

The letter was written by Conor O?Grady, of Vineland High School North.??? He said we ?distort historical facts? to describe ?one group of people? (Muslims) as ?the villains of history?.

Our event is described at?www.libertyandprosperity.org, and describes this forgotten history:??? From 1500 to 1800, Muslim kingdoms in North Africa, allies of the Muslim Turks (who conquered what is now Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Romania, and Hungary and besieged Vienna),?became rich and powerful by capturing and selling more than a million Europeans and roughly 15 million Africans into slavery.?? England, France, and Spain could not stop them, and paid bribes or tribute to those kingdoms to keep their people safe?? Only newly independent Americans shouted ?Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute!? and built a navy to protect our people in 1798.? Twenty year old Richard Somers of Somers of Somers Point was one of the first to join.?? That navy went to North Africa in 1801.?? Most ship commanders, including Richard Somers, were 23 years old.??? They amazed the world and crushed the fleets of each of ?the Muslim kingdoms of North Africa?and brought an end to their slave trade.??? Richard Somers and the entire crew of his ship Intrepid were killed at Tripoli on September 4, 1804.??? America?s first war to end slavery sparked the movement to end slavery in America 60 years later.

Everything we say?is 100% accurate and documented by many independent sources.?? Google?for reviews of books like ?Christian Slaves Muslim Masters? by Robert Davis, The Stolen Village, by Des Eskin, ?The Navy?s Barbary War Crucible? by William Fowler, and original?navy documents at??http://www.history.navy.mil/library/online/barbaray_war_docs.htm, etc.

But although our facts are right, the Richard Somers story is ?politically? incorrect.? Telling ?how young, white Americans bravely fought and died to end the terror and slavery of Muslims in Africa does not support the ?progressive? agendas?of ?multiculturalism? and “blame America and capitalism for everything bad in the world”.

Important Special Election for U.S. Senate on Wednesday, October 16.? This is a lot more than a contest between Republican Steve Lonegan, and Democrat Cory Booker.?? Many established Republicans as well as Democrats want to ?prove? that no conservative can ever win a statewide election in New Jersey.??? We have less than 6 weeks to plan and work to prove them wrong.

Important Ballot Question on November 5 Election –? A ?Yes? vote will amend the NJ Constitution to require yearly hikes in the minimum wage every year.?? A ?yes? vote will ?kill business, kill jobs, kill opportunities for young people, raise prices, and reward illegal, ?under-the-table?? businesses.????? We need your help to reach business owners and tell the truth about this very bad idea.

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