Anti-White Racism, Prison Reform Failure, Republicans MIA.

If you have a constitutional convention, it could abolish the 1st amendment for free speech and call everything you say hate speech. It could abolish the Second Amendment to outlaw private gun ownership like they do in Australia. And England and most of Europe. It could get rid of the Electoral College so that New York and California will pick over presidents for the future. And if you have a constitutional convention, guess who’s going to pick the delegates? Not going to be you.

Easter weekend. Jewish calendar is a quirky kind of calendar that has a leap month instead of a leap day every few years. The Passover won’t be till the full moon of next month and the last full moon on last Sunday.

I was very lucky when I went to Duke University, which is a Methodist college, it was mandatory to study first semester Old Testament, second semester, New Testament.

New York stories of women walking on the sidewalk and random people just punching them in the face, breaking their jaw. Extensive, permanent damage to their face. Gangs of young black men and women attacking and savagely beating helpless people just because they’re Asian and white. What is driving this?

Hatred of white being taught in our schools. In popular culture, the fake black history, the fake woke history where every evil in the world is somehow the fault of toxic white men. But now that hatred is being projected on white women as well.

So how do you fix this?

Change Hollywood movie culture or TV culture. What we’re teaching in our schools.

So-called Prison Reform and bail reform that puts dangerous psychopaths out on the street. Our police need to be focusing on that, instead they’re distracted with the 8 million illegal aliens overwhelming our country.

Where are the Republicans? Have you heard a single Republican at the local county, state or federal level?

Europeans are really worried that Italy is committing suicide. Nobody is being born in Italy.

Most Arabs did not move to Palestine until after the 1920s, when the Jews drained the malaria swamps, water, planted the trees and rebuilt the cities and farms. Palestine was mostly empty to the Jews. Mark Twain visited there in the 1890s and he reported how the place was mostly empty.

Joe Rogan podcast talking about how Israel is guilty of a genocide because they murdered some unarmed Palestinian men. And if anyone knows how this kind of war is being fought, it’s like the Hamas fanatics. The terrorists. It’s like the mafia. They don’t walk around carrying their weapons. They keep their weapons nearby.

Evils of the Article 5 Constitutional Convention. Don’t be fooled.

Seth Grossman, Liberty and Prosperity.

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