MEP Costs

In the past two months five articles (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) concerning the cost of the Murphy Energy Plan (MEP) have been published. These articles on solar and total costs, reveal the MEP electricity costs are unknown. Will the `clean, renewable’ electricity be affordable? Solar subsides alone have ballooned in two years from $500 million per year to …

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Energy Fun Facts 5-23-2021

Comment Many articles require extensive mathematical and technical knowledge to understand the arguments. However, few people perform an analysis and even fewer remember it. To explain and transmit the ideas of an article the facts must be easy to understand and be retainable. The anti-fossil fuel and anti-energy advocates are very good at the generating …

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For Years, May First Was The Hate-America Holiday of Our Communist and Socialist Enemies.

  Last year, Amy Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for Congress in South Jersey publicly recognized May 1 as “International Workers’ Day”. She held a special event that day to falsely claim that President Trump had endangered employees of meat packing plants by not closing them down during the coronavirus pandemic. Until 30 years ago, it …

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The Solar Future

Here is some info that deserves some scrutiny. If the Murphy Energy plan is going to power New Jersey with affordable renewable energy, then the following questions should be easily answered and documented. If wind and solar are so cheap why is the BPU concerned about rising costs for installing the MEP? If the …

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Grid Unreliability

The following article describes the current grid energy auction system and how the system supports and masks unreliable wind and solar energy.  It shows how reliability is not priced into the system and instead transfers reliability costs to nuclear, coal and natural gas plants.  It also generates the question of where will the electricity come …

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Maher Rips Leftist Fear-Mongering, Praises Red State Rebound.

This past week, Liberal HBO-TV host, Bill Maher called out the medical establishment, mainstream media, and blue-state politicians. Maher basically called them all liars. Maher even spotlighted how well Republican states and cities are doing compared to Blue states. Insane how we’re still locking down states and towns like New Jersey, New York, Philly and …

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Atlantic City Municipal Salary Chart

See the recent municipal salary chart provided by the City of Atlantic City. This important public information was acquired via OPRA, the Open Public Records Act. While this Atlantic City municipal salary chart includes longevity pay, it doesn’t include employee overtime pay, pension contributions or healthcare benefits.

The New Jersey Coast

The underlying assumption of the Murphy Energy Plan is if New Jersey residents impoverish themselves by living in a pre-industrial, green society the sea level and temperature rise will stop, (climate change) and the joys of Camelot will return.  Believe what you want, reality will do what it wants and humans will adapt or disappear. …

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New Jersey To Follow Texas Energy, to be beneficial to humans, must be affordable, reliable and plentiful.  Wind and solar meets none of these requirements.  The recent Texas blackouts show the danger of relying on wind and solar to supply energy during a extreme event. While coal, gas and nuclear struggled to provide power, wind and solar completely …

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