Just Published by Press of Atlantic City! Seth Grossman Explains How Governor Christie Ignored Law to Put Atlantic City Half Billion Dollars in Debt.

“Atlantic City ‘routine’ bond ordinance is a big problem, says Seth Grossman, Somers Point attorney and President of”   This post was published in both the print and online editions of the Press of Atlantic City.   Click here for link.   Atlantic City ‘routine’ bond ordinance is big problem.   On New Year’s Day, Atlantic City’s

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Judge Mendez Hears Casino Tax Break Case: Here Are The Arguments.

Last year, Republicans and Democrats in Trenton adopted a new state law that limits future property tax hikes for Atlantic City casinos.   Casino hotel properties no longer pay property taxes based on their value and public school and local government spending needs.  Casino properties now pay a fixed amount based on what they paid in

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Three Thanksgiving Lessons: #1. Pilgrims Rejected Socialism. #2. Disease killed most Indians. #3. Indians Killed Each Other in Genocidal Wars Before Europeans Arrived.

Teach your children well tomorrow.  These three important history lessons are no longer taught by our schools, media, or Hollywood/TV pop culture. Lesson #1:   America became the “Land of Boundless Opportunities”  when the Pilgrims rejected socialism.  Shortly after the Pilgrims arrived, they were befriended by Squanto, an Indian who miraculously survived the disease and famine

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Memories Of Thanksgiving in Atlantic City When America Was Great

I remember Thanksgiving as the ultimate American experience for every Jewish, Italian, and Irish kid in my Atlantic City neighborhood in the 1950s.   Weeks before the holiday, we decorated our classroom and the hallways of Richmond Avenue Elementary School weeks before the holiday with colorful crayon and construction paper images of Pilgrims and Indians,

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