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For 200 years, Americans had more wealth, freedom, opportunity, and justice than any other people in the world. Yet during the last 50 years, roughly half of Americans believe the lies of our enemies and are working day and night to tear our country apart. What happened? Yuri Bezmenov explains in this 8 minute segment of an interview he gave in 1985. We know that everything he said is true because dozens of other high officials who escaped from Communist regimes told the same story–and because everything he predicted 34 years ago happened just as he predicted.

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The New Jersey Coast

The underlying assumption of the Murphy Energy Plan is if New Jersey residents impoverish themselves by living in a pre-industrial, green society the sea level and temperature rise will stop, (climate change) and the joys of Camelot will return.  Believe

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New Jersey To Follow Texas

  https://www.njspotlight.com/2021/03/offshore-wind-invest-potential-capacity-wind-farms-nj-coast-eastern-seaboard/ Energy, to be beneficial to humans, must be affordable, reliable and plentiful.  Wind and solar meets none of these requirements.  The recent Texas blackouts show the danger of relying on wind and solar to supply energy during a

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Energy Fun Facts 3-14-2021

Comments Texas Blackout It has been three weeks now since the Texas blackout and unreliable energy propaganda machine has been very busy and reasonably successful. Their position is wind and solar are not the cause of the blackout, it was

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Will New Jersey follow Texas

Op-Ed: Why what happened in Texas shouldn’t happen in NJ Will the Murphy Energy Plan for New Jersey, with its heavy reliance on wind and solar energy, produce blackouts as recently occurred in Texas? The author of the attached article

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