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We need to more towards a freer free market...


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Government MEDDLING ???!! Bill- NOW LAW! S1711 Legislation (2 Links) HTML- www.njleg.state.nj.us/2016/Bills/S2000/1711_I1.HTM

But .. Liberty & Prosperity (was there!) PRESS Article: County: Pilot bill Unconstitutional: www.google.com/amp/www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/county-pilot-bill-is-unconstitutiona...

SADLY .. education is SLOW (and so is JUSTICE!) Article: (Several year old) Humpty Dumpty Politics & ‘Centralized Medical Oversight’ You go figure? On June, Progressive governor Chris Christie (NJ) signed into LAW LEGISLATION that gives hospitals with level-1 trauma centers ‘exclusively authority’ to develop and maintain advanced life support (ALS) services in the municipality in which it is located. South Jersey representative Cruz-Perez (NJ Democrat), in her bill, noted, “it is the sponsor’s belief that linking advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) services under the state’s designated regional trauma centers will centralize medical oversight, facilitate high-quality pre-hospital care, and support a more cost-efficient system." This legislation gives Cooper University Healthcare exclusive rights to provide advanced life support services in the city of Camden – a proposal that Virtua Healthcare, South Jersey's largest health system strongly opposes. The newly passed law means Virtua can no longer provide advanced life support services in the city of Camden; instead Cooper University Hospital would be the sole provider!! Was this economic impact determined by politicians usurping their office duties? Has such legislation pulled the rug out from other healthcare facilities by not by allowing markets to freely operate? Virtua thinks so and so do I. “We believe that this legislation undermines the state’s regional approach to its emergency medical services system by carving out the city of Camden from two-county region served by Virtua’s advanced life support (paramedic) program,” said Richard P. Miller, Virtua’s president and CEO. Miller is right. And again, we are witnessing another Progressive behaving like a Progressive, who if he gets into the Whitehouse, will continue to politically intervene into US economic industry to gain favor and further control as Christie has with South Jersey Democrats. ‘We have a high performing system in place. It’s not broken,’ said Scott Kasper, Virtua’s assistant vice president of emergency services.. ‘The Legislature should not be interfering with a high-quality system that has been in place for decades.’ So now let’s go back to politics and further away from coherency shall we. The Democratic political boss of South Jersey is George Norcross. Guess what?!! Norcross is also the chairman of the board of trustees at Cooper Medical Center.! He has welcomed Gov. Chris Christie (NJ) to several events in Camden. Last year, the Christie helped cut the ribbon on the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. Two years ago, Christie celebrated the opening of the Cooper Medical School, something Norcross championed after his father first fought for such a program 40 years ago. Now listen to this freak out! There may be no connection but in September of 2014 John Sheridan former CEO and president of Cooper Health Systems was pronounced dead along with his wife Joyce Sheridan in their Montgomery Twp. home. They were murdered and their house set ablaze. Was it a targeted double murder or a murder-suicide? To this day authorities still have not said how they died. Why is all but the most basic information about the criminal investigation being kept from the public? The Sheridan children hired Dr. Michael Baden, one of the most noted forensic pathologists in the country. Stay tuned. John Sheridan was a fixture in New Jersey Republican politics and an adviser to several NJ governors. Sheridan, who earned nearly $1 million a year, was transitioning toward retirement. In the past two years, he had turned day-to-day control over much of Cooper to Adrienne Kirby, now president and CEO of Cooper Health System. Also newly APPOINTED at Cooper is Kevin M. O’Dowd, Esq. He is now the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Cooper University Health Care. In that capacity, Mr. O’Dowd is responsible for business and organizational development, including the MD Anderson Cooper partnership and the AmeriHealth New Jersey relationship. Mr. O’Dowd also oversees marketing, public affairs, human resources, corporate real estate and development. Before joining Cooper, Mr. O’Dowd served in the Cabinet of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, including as Chief of Staff from 2012 to 2014. So in conclusion, it is difficult to read through all the lines but nevertheless there is quite a bit to read you just need to find it. What is clear is that the US healthcare industry is absolutely massive. The numbers to be made are mind boggling so it attracts multiple parasitic creepy things likened to the insect kingdom. Key is whose hands it ends up in (private vs. globalists). If ultimately it ends up under the full control and antics of central political government, WE are in huge trouble. Call in the maggots. Rightly led and administered however, through open channels focused on outcomes and innovative access with intuitive multi-disciplinary synchronized care and not political hatchet control (i.e. Obamacare), is the avenue to state and national economic recovery and an end to the Progressive movement in both parties. We the People together must do this.

WHILE ALL the DISTRACTIONS of Bridgegate were going on .. S1711 Legislation was VOTED IN!

In essence: the Governor.. can (and HAS) deem a municipality in need of sustainability (?) But what ACTUALLY HAPPENS .. he (The governor ) appoints one of his lawyer FRIENDS as ACTING Appointee (which STRIPS the DULY VOTED) mayors or sworn officials of their positions. Then the lawyers manage to get their OTHER FRIENDS .. to TAKEOVER offices or “JOBS” in those Cities?!?! (Trash, Financial, Solicitors, water company, Health insurance etc.) Totally usurping The their “Public Servant’s” official ROLL, for there own or other’s personal use!

But .. don’t take my WORD ..

Here is the “SHOT ACROSS THE BOW” from the DOJ! Official “Department of Justice” notice: Former New Jersey Attorney General And Chairman Of The Port Authority Board Of Commissioners (David SAMSON)Pleads GUILTY To Bribery: www.justice.gov/usao-nj/pr/former-new-jersey-attorney-general-and-chairman-port-authority-board-c...

So what do we do when the free market goes out of control, forms monopolies, pollutes the environment and pits the public in danger with poor products and services. I agree that government has grown too big but I also believe that some form of regulation is necessary to keep the free market in check.

Not just a freer market, toward more freedom. Freedom to trade is just one aspect of human freedom.

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