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South Korea had record turnout of 11 million voters for its legislative elections on April 15.  Only those with quarantine orders were permitted to vote by mail.  Voters having their temperatures taken remotely as they enter the polling booth area.  Photo by BBC News.

We had five weeks of shutdown and lockdown.  The “curve” is now flat.  The models were wrong.  Our hospitals did not get overwhelmed.   Where do we go from here?

There is much we still don’t know about the coronavirus.  We do know it is more contagious, unpredictable, and deadly than other flu viruses.  There is also evidence that it may have come from the Chinese Communist Party biological lab—not seafood market — in Wuhan.

South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan were exposed to the coronavirus first, but infected the least.  South Korea held its elections on regular day without mail-in ballots, except for those infected and under quarantine order.  Photo by  Ann Young-Joon of Associated Press.

We also know the virus can be stopped without putting half the country out of work and into poverty. Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Czech Republic had “flat” curves and stopped the virus weeks ago.  They did NOT have shutdowns and lockdowns.  They DID have early travel bans and secure borders, #masks for all, mass “surveillance” testing, enforced quarantines of those who were sick, and thorough contact tracing.  Please visit our previous blogs to see how they did it.  Here are the April 15, 2020 numbers for those countries:


Taiwan               24 million                  395                                    6

Hong Kong        7 million                  1,016                                   4

Czech Republic   11 million               6,151                                163

South Korea        51 million              10,591                                225

We can safely get back to work without lockdowns by learning from them.  It is no coincidence that the first countries to stop the virus and that have the fewest infections and deaths are countries that fear and distrust the #ChineseCommunistParty #CCP the most.  These countries also assumed from the beginning that the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO) was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and could not be trusted.  They did their own, independent investigation of the disease and acted accordingly.

It is also no coincidence that the countries with the most COVID19 disease and deaths are “progressive” pro-socialist countries (or states) with close political, cultural, and economic ties to the Chinese Communist regime.  They include Iran, Italy, Spain, England, and the New York/North Jersey Metro area.  Here are their numbers:


NY City/NJ Metro         15 million                  265,000                       10,000

Spain                             47 million                  178,000                       19,000

Italy                                61 million                  165,000                       21,600

Great Britain                   64 million                    99,000                       13,000

Iran*                                83 million                    76,000*                       4,777*

*Many reports that Iran is under-reporting its COVID19 cases and deaths.

The Coronavirus is a deadly bully inside the body.   However, it is easily destroyed outside.  It is destroyed by soap and water, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and salt solutions. It dies after several hours on cloth or cardboard. It dies even quicker in heat and sunshine. Unlike typhoid, it cannot spread through drinking water. Unlike malaria, plague, or yellow fever, in cannot spread through rodents or insects.

Taiwan and South Korea quickly stopped and almost eliminated #coronavirus by aggressively looking for, testing, and quickly isolating everyone infected and everyone they had contact with. We can’t do that. Here in America, our public health establishment puts HIPAA patient privacy “rights” above the right of others to know anything about who is infected or where or how they got infected.  That began during the 1980’s AIDS HIV epidemic when Drs. Fauci and Birx began their careers. As a result, our government forces us to assume that anyone we meet may be infected.

Even so, we don’t have to stay locked in our houses to avoid infection. With masks, frequent handwashing, not touching our faces, and common sense social distancing, we can minimize the risk, even if we are near people who are infected.   So far, it seems that very few hospital and food store employees taking those precautions got sick.  If that is true, why not open other businesses where employees and customers can do the same?

Instead of waiting for permission from President Trump or Governor Murphy, why not let business owners, their employees and customers decide for themselves when and how to work, and when or and how to shop, get haircuts, worship, or have other contact with others?

Let’s talk about it over breakfast!  With social distance, of course.  Our 9:30AM Every Saturday Breakfast Discussions are now online.  If you have not already done so, please subscribe to our free e-mail updates for details and instructions.   Or contact Seth Grossman at or  Thanks!

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