Did Vladimir Lenin’s Communist Mafia Finally Win World Domination With Putin In Russia & Xi in China?

As a student, Vladimir Putin was an eager and reliable Communist from a solid Communist family.  As with Yuri Bezmenov, Putin was offered a well paid and prestigious career with the KGB in 1975 at age 23.  The KGB (previously Cheka, and NKVD) was created by founder Vladimir Lenin in 1917 to keep the Communist Party in control “by any means necessary”.  During the 1990’s, when it appeared that the Communist Party had lost control of Russia, Putin was appointed Prime Minister. He has been in absolute control ever since.  Last year, Putin said the collapse of the Communist regime in Russia “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”.

Russian soldiers parade in Moscow in May 2020.  At that time, most public events in America were banned for coronavirus.  Besides bringing back large military parades from the Stalin era, Putin also brought back Communist flags and symbols.

In the 1950’s, Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-Tung bitterly fought with Russian leaders like Nikita Krushchev after the death of Stalin.  Mao believed that China’s Communist Party was more loyal to the “revolutionary” ideas of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. There was actually a war between the two Communist countries in 1969.

After Mao died in 1976, thousands of Chinese students urged their leaders to reject Communism and embrace the freedom of America.  In 1989, China’s current Communist leaders obeyed orders to crush all opposition by brutally murdering thousands of protesting students in Tiananmen Square.  Since then, Communist Party Chairman Xi, like Putin in Russia, ordered schools, the media, and popular culture to systematically glorify communism and attack traditional Christian and American institutions, leaders, and values.

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