Do We Want Democrats or Bugdon?

CORRECTION:?? In last week’s article, I erroneously stated that a guidance counselor at Mainland High School earned $103,000.??? That individual is Supervisor of the Child Study Team–the highest paid guidance counselor earns $84,000.??? I also erroneously stated that the football coach earns $112,000.? That individual is Supervisor of Athletics.?? The football coach earns $82,000 as a gym teacher, plus $9,000 for coaching.??

?—Seth Grossman

Do We Want Democrats or Bugdon?
By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist

??? By now, most people in New Jersey agree that unless we quickly make every part of our government smaller, less powerful, and less expensive, very few of us will have a future here.

??? Right now, Democrat Jon Corzine is governor, and the Democrats control NJ’s 40 member Senate and 80 member Assembly.? Instead of cutting back, they raised the sales tax by a billion dollars, added a few billion dollars more to our state debt, rammed through a new Paid Family Leave entitlement program, and voted a half billion dollars of new state tax money for local schools.

??? And who can blame them???? The NJEA teachers union and unions for other state, county, and local government employees got these Democrats elected in 2001, and kept them in office in the 2003, 2005, and 2007 elections.

??? And the Democrats will never cut back on government loans, grants, and tax breaks for private businesses and “charities”.?? The folks who receive these favors make huge contributions to Democratic campaign funds for every election.

??? And forget about making government rules simple, easy to understand, and applied equally to everyone!?? If people could get permits to build new houses, expand their businesses, etc. just by filling out simple forms, who would hire the high priced lawyers, planners, and consultants who buy the $500 tickets at the political fundraising dinners?

??? So why don’t New Jersey voters toss out the Democrats and vote in Republicans???? Because too many Republican leaders in New Jersey are like Atlantic County’s Maureen Gallagher Bugdon.??????

??? Bugdon co-chairs the Atlantic County Republican party with Keith Davis, and presided over this year’s annual convention.?? She masterminded the campaign that put Republicans in control of Hamilton Township (Mays Landing) and the intrigue afterwards that got several Democrats to switch parties.?? She sits on the Atlantic County Improvement Authority that borrows and spends millions, and she is one of four members of the Atlantic County Board of Elections.

??? Maureen Bugdon also organized the carefully scripted “straw poll” in January that endorsed John McCain for President.?? She is a recognized Republican leader at both county and state levels.

??? But last week, that same Republican leader Maureen Bugdon made front page news by publicly begging state Democrats for $2.5 million to bail out the Atlantic City Race Course, which she manages for Greenwood Racing.

??? A few weeks before, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Richard Codey used threats of video slot machines in North Jersey to again bully Atlantic City’s casinos into “donating” $90 million to a racetrack welfare fund.?? Codey’s cousin, Larry Codey is on the NJ Racing Commission that dishes out that money, and Codey’s brother Donald is general manager of the Freehold Racetrack, which gets lots of that money.

??? Republican U.S. Attorney Chris Christie did not treat this as extortion.?? Neither did any Republican leaders here in Atlantic County.?? And it was former Republican Acting Governor Donald DiFrancesco who appointed Codey’s cousin Larry to the Racing Commission in the first place!

??? As bad as the Democrats are, it is easy to understand why voters don’t trust Republicans either.? Some people think that the only way to fix New Jersey is to form a new political party and throw out the Republicans and the Democrats.

??? I don’t.?? I know from personal experience that it is a lot easier to take over an existing political party in a June primary election, than to create a new party from scratch and make it strong enough to win a November election.

??? Taking over an existing party is difficult, but it can be done.?? There are certain techniques that must be learned and practiced.?? You must build an organization, build coalitions with others, and develop a persuasive message.?? And most importantly, you must persuade people to donate money to your campaign.

??? If you are tired of complaining, but not yet ready to move out of New Jersey, you should think about learning these skills and becoming an effective leader with the power to change things.?? On Thursday and Friday, May 29 and 30, Americans for Prosperity, non-profit, citizens’ education group led by former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan will sponsor a series of workshops and seminars on the problems facing New Jersey.?? The registration fee is $59.?? A limited number of attendees will also be invited to a “Grassroots Activist School” on how to organize and finance winning election campaigns.?? For details, contact me, Seth Grossman at my Somers Point law office, or go to

453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244.?
Tel.? 609-927-7333.

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