Ed The Trucker, Politics as Career, Not So Random Street Attacks

John Demasi is host of ‘Talk with a Purpose’ on WPG Radio. Seth Grossman is the regular guest every Sat morning at 9a. On the MAY 18 episode, topics discussed include:

How folk hero, Ed The Trucker Durr really beat Steve Sweeney. Durr now running for Governor of NJ.

Teachers Union wants amendment to fund / bail out NJ Teachers Pension Fund. Sweeney (Democrat and union guy no less) said no.

DURR back story. Teachers Unions had vendetta against Sweeney.

GOP weak with school board elections. Combined with low voter turnouts. We get WOKE school boards. Propaganda. Margate Mayor picks his own school board. How to win a School Board seat.

Two Boardwalk Empire stars ‘randomly’ attacked on the street. Victims usually white or Asian. Media often hides ethnicity of perpetrator. Socialism. Random crime. Somebody else’s fault.

Louisiana. 1/3 population of state is Black. Dems sued. They should get 1/3 of the elected seats.

Politics as a career becoming normalized. Socialist thinking. Corruption. Evil.

Example: Atlantic City Marty and LaQuetta Small.

Employees hired based on race and politics.

Fishheads Food Truck at Gardners Basin AC put out of business for not supporting AC Mayor Marty Small and his school boss wife, LaQuetta.

What happens to the country, happens in Atlantic City first.

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