Elderly Woman Beaten With Brick on Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Random attack of 67 yr old woman on Atlantic City Boardwalk. Broad daylight.

Mayor Marty Small remains quiet. Media ignores. CRDA says nothing.

A Philadelphia man is behind bars.

Atlantic City police found the elderly woman bleeding from her head.

The attack took place on the Boardwalk near the Atlantic Club Condo.

The man struck the woman several times with a brick.

According to BreakingAC: Once she fell on the ground, the man strikes her a total of nine more times. She remains hospitalized.

Cooper, 43, has several pending charges from incidents in Atlantic City this summer, court records show. Charges include criminal trespass, harassment and criminal mischief.

The public defender called it a “complicated case.”

Seth Grossman is guest. Jan 21 2023.

John Demasi RADIO SHOW. WPG.

Fake History. Re-writing history. Propaganda based on skin color.

Whales are smart. Murphy wants 400, useless wind turbines of the Jersey coast.



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