Electric School Bus Bill

  • Assembly Bill A-1282 is another example of a decision made that because an option is `Green’, it must be correct.
  • Electric buses have a strong point, which is they do not produce combustion particulate air pollution?
  • The electric buses also have weak points including cost, range and the most dangerous which is spontaneous fire of the batteries. Last month two Paris buses spontaneously ignited (1), fortunately no one injured. Last year German buses in Hanover ignited spontaneously as have electric cars. (2). However, this danger seems to be ignored by the EV advocates.
  • All energy decisions should have the advantages and disadvantages listed and compared for each option. The advocates should present all of the information available on both diesel and electric buses. This would include showing how spontaneous combustion is prevented in the design and how diesel fumes should be prevented from entering school buses.
  • Assembly Bill A-1282 should be placed on hold until an accurate comparison of electric and diesel school buses is made and publicly reviewed.



(1) https://www.thelocal.fr/20220429/paris-suspends-electric-bus-fleet-after-fires/

(2) https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/09/07/ev-battery-fires-do-not-bode-well-for-projected-sales/



Vote yields small step toward all-electric school buses


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