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Offshore Windmill Forum – Downbeach Coalition – Margate, NJ

May 20, 2023
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
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Doors Open At 11:30 A.M.  Hear From Local Experts.  Speakers Include Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera, U.S. Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ State Senator, Vince Polistina, Assemblywoman Claire Swift, Dr. Bob Stern, Save LBI Director, Chris Placitella, Esq. Save LBI Member. Dominic A. Potena Performing Arts Center, 7804 Amherst Ave., Margate, NJ  08402 Sponsored by The Downbeach Coalition, P.O. Box 3033, Margate, NJ  08402.  The Downbeach Coalition is a non-partisan advocacy group working to bring local politics back to our Downbeach Community.
Click Here For Link to:  Wind Turbines Can't Power A Grid, Don't Save Fossil Fuel, Are Failing In Europe, and Kill Whales.
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3 thoughts on “Offshore Windmill Forum – Downbeach Coalition – Margate, NJ”

  1. Michael Belmonte

    Only in New Jersey would the concept of free non polluting energy be demonized and corrupted.
    Wind power is the most sensible form of alternate pollution free energy production and the only one that can provide the raw power needed for our modern world. Solar energy production is a distant second to wind power.

    The idea that the wind turbines would be an eyesore at a distance of 15 plus mile out to sea is an invalid
    and unproven concept that is most likely being funded by the former South Jersey Gas company.

    The idea that marine life will be permanently harmed is also an invalid and unproven concept.
    I was at a TEDx talk in Cape May this weekend and there was a marine researcher speaker with a PHD
    (Anaïs Remili – “A Silent Threat: Orcas Under Attack”)
    that made a case for “forever chemicals” that are stored in the whales and dolphins blubber that cause the poor animals to have weakened immune systems and thereby become susceptible to parasite attack and die.
    The elimination of these “forever chemicals” for being released into the sea would be a far worthier pursuit than trying to stop well managed offshore wind farms. Haves any of the dead marine animals been autopsied to prove or disprove this hypothesis ?
    The marine animals could also have been driven out of the water by the ultrasonic surveying that was taking place, this could have been avoided and most certainly will be prevented in the future.
    Much more powerful ultrasonic emissions are used in Naval Warfare Sonar systems and
    the possibility that some form of submarine warfare unknown to us could be occurring off the coast
    and driving the animals ashore cannot be dis-proven

    We will need these wind produced energy production methods especially now
    due to the pointless deliberate destruction of the vital Beesley’s Point energy production plant.

    I feel that we are on the verge of a serious world conflict and every scrap of energy that can be produced in this country by any means will be needed soon.
    We need a strategic reserve of energy just as much as any of the other materials that are deemed vital
    to national security.
    The current federal war on domestic energy production must be reversed.

  2. Seth Grossman

    You should read Apocalypse Never by Michael Shellenberger. He breaks down the hard science in great detail. Wind energy is too weak, diffuse & intermittent to power a grid. A grid needs a steady level of power at all times. Whrn wind speed increases, that extra electricity is dumped because it can’t be stored.
    When wind speed drops, fossil fuel generators must be ready to inject electricity into the grid. Since nobody knows when wind speed will drop, back up generators must be burning fossil fuels all the time. You need a double elecric grid for both wind and the back up. That is why wind electricity is ridiculously wasteful and expensive. Nuclear reactors are the best option and provide France with 70% of its electricity.

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