Facebook Is Lying and “Throttling” Us. Please Help Us Work Around It. Here’s How.

It started last January, when we shared these articles about the Australian brushfires.

Facebook falsely accused us of posting “False Information”.   It posted the below notice next to our post falsely claiming that our post contained “false information”.  It did not deny the truth of what we posted. It claimed our posts were “false” because we did not say that even if the brushfires were caused by arson, they spread more than in the past because of recent “climate change”.  Facebook informed us that this was determined by its “Science Feedback” in a  “fact-checking” review.  Because of this, Facebook said we would be punished in two ways. First, it would “reduce” the “overall distribution” of our posts.  This is called “throttling” or “shadow banning”.  When this happens, the posts on our Facebook page appear to be normal, but they are never shared with the 7,700 Facebook customers who “like” our page by putting them in their timelines.  Facebook also threatened that they would no longer let us “advertise and monetize”.  However, there was nothing “false” about saying “Climate Change” had nothing to do with those Australian brushfires!

There are many studies showing that the earth’s climate has been constantly changing for billions of years.  In particular, there is documented, scientific and historical evidence of alternating floods and far more severe droughts or dry periods in Australia for at least the past 500 years!  These old weather patters were determined by examining historical documents including ships’ logs, tree rings, and coral growth patterns.  Below is the first page of one such study published in the December 3, 2015 issue of “The Conversation”, an academic journal sponsored by dozens of universities and academic foundations including the University of New South Wales and University of Melbourne in Australia.

Yesterday, Facebook posted this notice saying we “can’t invite friends” to like our Page right now.   Facebook falsely claimed our Facebook Page went against their “Community Standards”.

Facebook’s claim the posts described below were “Violations” are as fake as Facebook’s claim that our posts on the Australian brushfires were false.  Most of these “violations” do not even involve differences with “fact-checkers” over facts, but differences over opinions!

It seems obvious that this “punishment” by Facebook is part of a systematic plan by big tech and media allies of “progressive” Democrats to silence pro-American conservatives before the 2020 elections.  They know that massive activity and engagement by conservatives on social media in 2016 allowed our posts to reach more voters than all the mainstream media combined.  This allowed Donald Trump to overcome the biased 85% negative coverage and outright systematic slander by the “mainstream” media.  This allowed President Trump to win the election in spite of them.  These tech giants are determined not to let this happen again.

We have a plan to overcome this, but we need your help.  We are being “throttled” and “shadow-banned” by Facebook and Twitter, but you are not.  We are therefore posting our messages on this website, rather than on Facebook and Twitter.  We are asking you to systematically visit this Libertyandprosperity.com website and several times each week and to share these blogposts and our videos.  Just hit the icon to share by Facebook, Twitter, or email.  If just a few dozen of our members and followers do this several times a week, we can have a much bigger impact than ever before.

We also ask that you visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page and our @landp1776 Twitter page.   Please spend a few minutes every few days to look at our posts, and read the “likes”, “shares” and comments of those who support us.  Please post comments or private messages inviting them to “like” and “follow” our Facebook page, and to subscribe to our free email updates on the Home Page of Libertyandprosperity.com.  Please also ask them to follow us on Twitter and “like”, comment on and “retweet” our posts.   Thanks.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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