Gas Stove Ban

Calls to ban gas stoves are anti-science, anti-freedom, and anti-energy

Instead of informing us with accurate science about gas stoves so we can make better decisions, anti-fossil fuel activists are distorting science

Alex Epstein


Instead of informing us with accurate science about gas stoves so we can make better decisions, anti-fossil fuel activists are distorting science to justify forcing their anti-gas agenda on us.

  • Early 2023 has featured a carefully orchestrated campaign in which:

    1. A paper whose lead author is an anti-fossil-fuel activist claims that gas stoves cause 12.7% of child asthma.
    2. The Federal government and NY proposed bans on new gas stoves.

    We should reject this campaign.


  • The campaign against gas stoves should be rejected for 3 reasons:
    1. Families have the right incorporate any real science about gas stoves as they judge best
    2. The 12.7% claim is a distortion of science
    3. The anti-gas movement is a threat to our grid and therefore our health
  • Whether and how to use a gas or electric stove should be determined by individuals and families based on what they judge best. For example, many will rationally choose to use a cheaper, more functional gas stove with good ventilation as the best option.
  •   There are many decisions that families make that affect kids’ health far more than a gas vs. electric stove: what kinds of food kids eat, how much exercise they get, and how much money parents allocate to health vs. other expenses.

    Do governments then get to dictate all these?

  •   Does anyone have the right to dictate what parents feed their kids, how much exercise kids get, and how much of their money families spend on healthcare?


  •   They only have the right to try to persuade parents with good info and arguments. The same applies to gas stoves.
  •   Whenever someone offers you “science,” not to inform your voluntary choices but to impose a ban on you, you can be confident that what they are calling science is a distortion.
    This is certainly the case with the pseudo-precise claim that gas stoves case 12.7% of child asthma.


  • One of the biggest threats to our health is the use of pseudoscientific “health” claims about the side-effects of fossil fuels in order to deprive us of the life-and-health-saving benefits of fossil fuels—including abundant, affordable healthy food and modern medicine.
  • The proper response to the gas-stove-banners?

    Tell them that you are interested in an valid science they want to offer you voluntarily—but that you will fight them to the death when they use pseudoscience to take away our freedom to produce and use energy.

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Grossman, Executive Director

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