Hollywood Glorifying Violence. Lack of Prosecution Encourages More Crime.

Listen to Seth Grossman on John Demasi WPG Radio show. Nov 28, 2022.

Topics covered: Fatal Mass Shooting in Colorado Gay Nightclub.

Our past culture; apply your talent, get what you want.

New culture out of Hollywood. Easily triggered and oppressed. Lash out at innocent people.

Django Unchained. Movies glorifying violence. Watch the Bill Maher video clip.

Mental health is threat to public. Lack of prosecution encourages more crime. Normalization of suicide.

Culture of athletes. What am I entitled to?

Stabbings at Harrahs Casino in Atlantic City. One of Mayor Small’s, hand-picked ‘Anti-Violence’ employee. A fugitive of the law.

Wind turbines off South Jersey coast will be expensive failure.

ACUA is problematic.

The Pilgrims almost starved to death. But then they discovered private property.

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