Inflation, Wildwood Power Outage, Wind Turbine Trouble

Inflation. Cost of energy. Deflation. Too many dollars chasing less production.

Listen to Seth Grossman on John Demasi WPG radio show of July 15.

Some topics discussed:

Chris Christie was a top advisor to Trump at one time.

Handouts. Getting paid to produce nothing.

Stopping experimental wind turbines. Hands Across the Beaches.

Ocean City standing firm. Orsted filing lawsuits. Wind turbines just don’t work. Always needs fossil fuel back-up.

16,000 affected. Wildwood power outage for 2 days. Massive power failure. Media downplays.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. 50% of funds went to green energy projects.

Judeo-Christian values.

Killing spree in Philadelphia.

NJ’s AG Matt Plotkin pushing white supremacy lies.

Atlantic City has no supermarket due to out-of-control crime and shop lifting.

Failing newspapers keep pushing lie of ‘Climate Change’.

Liberty and Prosperity Calendar project

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