June 28, 2015: “Try to rekindle Patriot’s Dream” Teach-In on July 4 at Galloway

Work with us at 8 am before the 9 am Galloway Township parade from Smithville Shopping Center to Shoppes at Smithville Inn.? http://historicsmithvillenj.com/towne/8-july-4th-parade/event_details

?Patriot?s Dream? was written and sung by Arlo Guthrie for ?progressive? Democrats who felt hopeless and defeated in 1974.?? This version sung by Jennifer Warnes years later to inspire conservative Americans like us.?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20gmzM7mmbw


Meet us at the Smithville Blvd. in front of the Shopping Center parking lot an hour before parade so we can teach parade marchers and spectators the answers to these four basic questions about July 4, Liberty, and Prosperity:

What were the ?sentiments? Abraham Lincoln spoke of when he said, ?I never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence?. (ANSWER:?? ?We are all created equal.?? We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.?? That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.?? To secure these rights, governments are instituted among us, exercising their just powers with the consent of the governed).? Help us distribute 2,000 postcards that explain this.)? 2015-0704-seth-smithville-parade

When did the image of two ancient Roman goddesses, Liberty and Prosperity, standing together become the official symbol of New Jersey?

(ANSWER:? August, 1776)

Why does the ancient Roman Goddess of Liberty carry a long wooden pike draped with a red cap?? (ANSWER:? http://libertyandprosperity.org/learn/liberty-symbols-explanation/)

New_Jersey_state_flagHow did the rattlesnake become a symbol of the American Revolution? (ANSWER:? Benjamin Franklin published drawings of rattlesnakes?who could be found only in America– to make the point that most Americans were harmless when left alone–but deadly if ?tread? or stepped on.)


To have an impact, we need at least 12 volunteers for at least six, two person teams.??? Kids are welcome and perfect for this.

If you can join us for this project, please contact us in advance for details.? ?The staging area and parade route are very large, and shopping center parking lot will be closed to vehicles without parade permits.?? Please email info@libertyandprosperity.org or leave a message with your contact info at Seth Grossman office, 609-927-7333.?? ?Murphy?s Law? will make a mess of things if we don?t make arrangements in advance.? Thanks.

Or you can teach anywhere!?? If you want to hand out the cards and explain the symbols on the flags at your picnic, fireworks display, or anywhere else on Saturday, please contact us so we can get these materials to you.? ?Thanks.

We will walk AND chew gum this Saturday.??? Mike Smith will host our regular breakfast discussion at Shore Diner at 9:30 AM for those who cannot teach at the Galloway Township Parade.?? Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township/Northfield.

?You get what you pay for?.?? ?Progressives? deliver their messages of hate and intolerance with money from government grants and bullying of big corporations.?? Republicans and Democrats get money from ?multi-millionaires and billionaires? and big corporations in exchange for tax breaks, permits, bailouts, and other government favors in return.?? We have trouble getting even small donations because we have nothing to offer but ?liberty and justice for all?.? Although we reach 30,000 people on Facebook each week, and thousands more with radio spots, and emails like this, we cannot continue unless more people who like our messages give us their financial support.?? So far, only 130 people contributed $100 this year and only another 78 paid member dues this year. (Dues are $60 for voting members, $30 non-voting members).?? Please help us continue.? Without more support, we will run out of money by? September.? Please mail your check to our office below, or click?PayPal button on?Home Page.??Thanks!.

Our radio spots are back:? We are now running two spots per day on Rush Limbaugh program along Jersey Shore from Barnaget to Cape May.??? Mondays through Fridays, Noon to 3PM, on 1340AM Atlantic City and 1230 AM Wildwood.?? If you haven?t heard Rush lately, he has been at his best in explaining why things are falling apart so quickly and what we need to do to put things back together.

Business Meeting:?? 2d Saturday?July 11:?? (Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36) Open to all voting and non-voting members.? (You are welcome to join!? Please contact us.?? Thanks.)? Voting members pay $60, must attend 3 business meetings per year, and work on at least one project.? Non-voting members pay $30, but have no attendance or volunteer requirements.? (Although many non-voting members do both.)? There are very interesting and productive projects for anyone who wants to help.?? Please let us know your interests and your time availability.

Saturday, July 18:? 9:30 AM? Breakfast Discussion.?? (Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36)? Betsy Nelson of Heritage Action will explain what her organization does, and how we can work together to advance common agendas.?? Her organization?s website is at:? http://heritageaction.com/

Saturday, July 25:? 9:30 AM Special Breakfast Reception for New Zealand Liberty author Trevor Loudon.?? For this event only, a $10 contribution to defray expenses in addition to paying for breakfast is requested.?? This is Trevor?s third visit to us in past four years.?? Loudon gives most convincing answers to these questions:

  1. Why are ?progressive? Democrats are so effective at destroying our country?
  2. Why are Republicans so clueless in defending us?

You can get a preview of his answers at http://www.trevorloudon.com/.

***Note.? We are proud to announce that Ocean County Tea Party of Manahawken (Parkway Exit 63) will hold a special joint meeting with us on Saturday morning, July 25 so they can also hear Trevor Loudon.

Saturday, July 25 at 4PM.? Robert Fleisher will hold a special limited seating reception/fundraiser for Trevor Loudon at his beach block home in Atlantic City.?? Tickets are $100.?? Seating limited to 20.?? For tickets or information, please contact info@libertyandprosperity.org or call Seth Grossman at 609-927-7333.?? Thanks.

***Note.? More details about both Trevor Loudon events will be posted during the next few weeks on www.libertandprosperity.org and our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.


Seth Grossman, Executive Director


453 Shore Road

Somers Point, NJ? 08244

(609) 927-7333


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