Mainstream News Propaganda, Anti-Semitism, Wind Turbines Don’t Work.

On Dec. 3, 2022, Seth Grossman was once again featured on ‘Talk With a Purpose’, the popular Saturday morning WPG radio show with John DeMasi.

The mainstream news is what you see in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, the top of the hour news of most radio stations, and the front pages of almost every daily newspaper in America. It is not really news, because it does not tell you the most important current events.

It is propaganda. It only tells you facts that support the narrative that the leaders of the Democratic Party want to do at the moment, and get you to think that Democrats are good people, and that anyone who opposes them in anyway are bad people.

You can learn the truth from the mainstream news, but it takes some critical thinking. You can’t just say, this is the most important news today. You have to ask yourself why did they pick these stories to be the top news today, and what news is even more important that they are leaving out.

Trump has dinner at Mara Lago with Nick Fuentes, Kanye West, that was orchestrated by Milo Yiannopoulos. This was after Nick Fuentes and Kanye

West have been making all sorts of public statements falsely blaming Jews for every problem in America, and saying that there were good Nazis.

Trump responds by saying he had no idea that his good friend Kanye West had gotten this nuts, and that he had no idea who Nick Fuentes is. And of course, Trump has no idea who Milo Yiannopolous is. Trump is probably telling the truth. He obviously got set up again and has no idea what this is about.

John DeMasi, Talk with a Purpose, WPG Radio, Atlantic City, NJ.

But the Democrats and Mainstream media could not be happier. They say see, we told you that five years ago that Trump said Nazis were good people and that Trump is as a no good white supremacist racist and anti-Semite. And we also told you that anyone who supports Trump is no good. And every Republican who did not condemn Trump is also no good.

All this is perfectly timed to get a big Democrat turnout for the Georgia run-off election on Tuesday, knock out Hershel Walker, and give Democrats an absolute majority of the U.S. Senate. In Georgia runoff, GOP worries about Walker, Trump and party’s future

Newt Gingrich: “Newt Gingrich warns Republicans that Joe Biden is Winning the Fight”

The earth has been getting colder during the past two years.

Crime stories—only locals. Most criminals are black. Most victims are black. But many victims are white. You won’t find any of these
stories as national news. Only local news.

Wind Turbines Don’t Work: Only operate at about 17% of their stated capacity. Back Up generators needed to supply the grid with
electricity burn up more fossil fuel than what is saved by wind turbines.

I THINK THE BIG STORY IS THAT BLAMING JEWS AND PRAISING NAZIS IN AMERICA IS NOW NORMAL. The only place in the world where Jews were able to thrive and live normal lives was in white, Christian, traditional America

1. Protestant tradition of Bible study
2. Boundless opportunity
3. Everybody respects and follows the same rules
4. “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich”.
5. Nobody cares about your race or religion. Nobody cares who you Dad is or who your granddad was
6. We all celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the Fourth. We all sing the same songs.
7. Most prominent Jews openly supported American traditions and values.

Jews are in trouble in America today because Communists, Socialists, and woke leftists have destroyed that white, Christian, traditional America brick by brick.

Bible illiteracy

Government rules and taxes make it almost impossible to succeed without permits, tax breaks, financing, or other help from insiders

Why are so many prominent Jews and Jewish organizations loudly supporting Democrats and the left, and working against mainstream American traditions and values?

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